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April 2012


Saturday night at the beach [Huntington Beach Photography]

Last week wasn’t as busy as most, so instead of sharing what I’ve been up to, I want to share a few pictures from our trip to the beach.  On Saturday night we decided to pack up the kids and hit a local grocery store for firewood, new skewers and all the fixings for a hot dog roast.  And s’mores, of course!

It was such a spontaneous thing that I’m so glad we did.  I don’t normally bring my big camera along, but decided to this time.  It’s those little in between days that are fun to document.  Not the big play at school or the trip to Disneyland, but those things you do as a family on a Saturday night.

Cooper likes to collect seaglass and shells, so he always spends a good amount of our time at the beach taking this job very seriously.




DIY Colored Ballet Flats [Huntington Beach Child Photographer]

My friend Heather is crafty.  She effortlessly makes the mundane into a scene stealer.  Her little girl came over one day in the cutest gold-colored flats.  She told me her mom made them.  I asked her to take them off this instant and let me see!  What I found inside was the printed words that told me these were simple ballet slippers from Payless.  Heather spray-painted the shoes gold and they were transformed.  I told her I loved her idea and wanted to blog about it.

So, we set off to Payless to buy a $20 pair of ballet slippers.  Jillian wanted hers to be sparkly, so I went picked up a bottle of glitter spray paint at Michaels.  The can told me it was going to be deep purple with tons of glitter.  Well, it was like clear nail polish with a few pieces of glitter.  So, I dug through my cans of spray paint around the house and found one that would work.  We ended up spraying them purple, then topping with the glitter.  It’s hard to see in the photos, but there is a glittery sheen to the shoe.

I cut out a piece of parchment paper and stuffed it in the shoe so there wouldn’t be sticky spray paint on the inside.  Heather tells me that the paint really does hold up well, so don’t be scared to try this!  I did two coats of purple and one coat of glitter.  Then we let it dry overnight.

I had Jillian try them and felt they were cute, but just a little too plain.

So, we added a fun red/orange bow!  Now this is Jillian’s style!


Pulled Pork with Homemade BBQ Sauce [In the Kitchen]

After church on Sunday everyone is hungry and lunch usually goes something like quesadillas or turkey sandwiches.  What is the quickest thing I can throw together!?!  Unless I can manage to put something in the crock pot before we leave.  This requires a. thinking ahead, b. pulling myself together to look presentable before heading out the door and c. making sure my children have the essentials done like umm, hair combed, teeth brushed, a pair of shoes on, what else am I missing?  Soooo, the crock pot thing doesn’t always happen.

This last Sunday I thought ahead.  Yeah, me!  I got myself and the kids ready to go…AND put a big hunk of meat into the crock pot.  This time is was a pork roast.  I’ve recently found that Target market has great deals on meat.  I’ve bought bacon, ribs, pork loin and now pork roast there.  The roast was $1.99/pound…great deal right!?  And I can buy like a cute t-shirt  or something while I’m at it.

Anyway, on to the meal.  It’s as easy as covering the meat with a liquid and some seasoning.  I did not think ahead enough to buy chicken broth.  You can only expect so much out of me.  So, I covered it with red wine and water.  I added a good dose of garlic salt, oregano, cumin and fresh cracked pepper. And turned the whole thing on high as I dashed out the door.

When you arrive home after a few hours, the meat will be in lovely shreds that you need to sauce and add to a bun.  Enter homemade BBQ sauce.  I found this recipe around Easter when I was looking for a sauce I could make from scratch.  BBQ sauce has always intimidated me a little.  I imagined myself stirring at a stove top with a long list of ingredients.  This recipe debunks all previous ideas about making BBQ sauce.  It is so easy your kids can do it.  Really.  Like I told a friend of mine who was intimidated by a recipe…can you read?  can you stir?  Then you can make it!!

This makes a LOT of sauce.  So, I halved the recipe.  But, if you have a crowd or you just love it that much, make the whole stinkin’ thing.

My sandwiches were more like sliders because I used Hawaiian rolls, but you can serve the pulled pork on regular sized buns too.  And coleslaw.  My family is not a fan, but I think it adds the perfect tart kick to the sandwich.


To Sum it Up [Manhattan Beach Photographer]

Today is a re-do.  A day of making up for all the things I ate over the weekend.  It started with a 5 mile run.  And that was followed up by a smoothie.  WITH lots of spinach.  Thank goodness for re-dos!  And start-overs!  So, today I’m thankful for Mondays and also for weekends full of good times.

Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to!

Newborn photo sessions make me feel like an artist.  There’s so much patient waiting.  When the baby falls into a deep sleep, they are like putty in my hands.  I always say that newborn sessions are the hardest and the most rewarding.  Oh and check out my new carriage.  My mother-in-law, Kathy, found it for me and I’ve been able to use it several times already!

The photos above are for an album cover with Tom Kell and Emiko Woods.  If you want to hear one of their songs, click here.  They’re so talented!  The last few photos are from a commercial job I had…loving those models!!


New Mini-Sessions: In the Country [Orange County Family Photographer]

I’m excited to announce another round of mini-sessions. This will be the last date until June…when we launch into the summer series by the water. I love this location in Irvine because it feels like you are in the middle of the country, even though it’s only a hop, skip and a jump away from Long Beach! This time, I’m making the photo sessions 30 minutes long to give us enough time to walk around and explore. Along with the train track, there’s lots of wooded areas and trails. This is going to be fun!

Here are the details:
Sunday April 29 at Irvine Regional
$125 for a 30 minute photo session
prints and digitals are sold separately…check out my website for details.
As a special treat, the first 3 people to sign up get a free digital image with their order. (must order within a week of proofing)


Neon colors in the Nursery [Orange County Baby Photographer]

I mentioned the other day that I was at Melody’s (of Sweet and Saucy) loft photographing her beautiful baby Blake.  While there, I took the opportunity to document all the amazing details that went into her nursery.  While we were chatting, she mentioned that she’s normally drawn to a neutral/pale color palette, but while planning Blake’s nursery, she was smitten with everything bright and bold!  The mix of colors is spot on.  I love how everything comes together in the room!  And I have to agree that while I fancy myself a rather neutral person, lately I’ve been known to buy a thing or two in hot pink.


To Sum it Up [Rossmoor Family Photographer]

It’s been a little while since I’ve summed up for you what I’ve been doing!  Work-wise, it’s been full of fun photo shoots and tons of newborns.  I mean tons!  The last four photo sessions I’ve had have been with babies under 2 weeks old.  And I love it!  On a personal note, the kids have gone back to school after a week on spring break.  We were here for the break, so the days were filled with play dates, frozen yogurt and trips to the beach.  Oh and all that pesky rain.  But, we won’t dwell on that.  It’s supposed to be back up to 80 this week.  YES.

One of the super cool things I got to do recently was a newborn photo session with Melody, the owner of Sweet and Saucy.  The photo session took place in her loft and the huge windows gave us the best lighting.  Baby Blake had a ton of accessories for us to choose from and I really could have photographed her all day.  Such a cutie and such a great family!

Baby Michael came in last week when his dad called in literally the night before to see if I had any openings.  I happened to have the next day free and since Michael was almost 3 weeks, we needed to get his newborn photos taken right away.  He was such a sweetheart and kept wanting to pop his head up to see what was going on.  He didn’t want to miss anything!  He finally drifted into sleep and we were able to do some sleepy little newborn poses as well.  What a great photo session!


Long Beach Flea & Antique Market [Long Beach Photographer]

Guess what’s coming up the day after tomorrow?  I’ll give you a hint.  It only comes around once a month and it inspires me to wake up at the crack of dawn…the Long Beach Flea Market!  It happens to be just down the street from our church, so I like to wake up super early and get all my shopping done every 3rd Sunday when all those tents roll into town with their junky goods.

Laura, my friend from Ascot Friday, introduced me to this flea market.  After moving from the Bay area, I was lost.  I used to have my round of thrift stores that I’d hit once a week.  I ALWAYS found something good.  Consistency is key.  And when you’re a photographer, you NEED junk props like water.  I tried thrifting here in Long Beach, but I just couldn’t get into.  Plus I don’t have the time, as my business has taken off.  So, this once a month trip to the parking lot of the Veteran’s Stadium fills my house with a never-ending supply of old chairs, pottery and collectibles.  Yay for junk!

On my last trip, I added a little ‘arm swag’ to my collection.  There was a seller with piles and piles of bracelets from all over the world.  $5 later I was peacing out.  Oh and collections.  I’ve started a little collection of old cameras.  They are such fun props.  Here’s my newest addition…

All these photos are taken with my iphone, because bringing my big camera out would distract from the shopping!  I hope you can make it out to one of the best flea markets around.  Here’s the link to all the info:  Long Beach Antique Market (fancy website name, but it’s really just a flea market 🙂


Baby Baby! [Long Beach Baby Photographer]

As promised, I’m sharing Erika’s little Monroe.  In just a few minutes, we documented all the moves of a crawling babe.  This stage is my favorite to photograph…they smile non-stop and they are always posing (whether it’s chubby toes together, lunging forward or the cute little ‘kickstand’).

Erika makes all Monroe’s headbands.  I love that so many moms are doing this now.  Babies bring out our inner-crafty!

Rolls for days!

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