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February 2012


Style Findings: Target Sandals [Orange County Photographer]

I’m loving Target knock-offs.  Colored denim, kitschy florals and neon everything!  If I want to try a trend, Target’s the place to do it.  Over the past few years, it’s been my go-to for summer sandals.  Most are $10-15 and super cute!  I’m kinda picky about shoes, but with sandals, the quality isn’t as important because there’s so little material.

Here’s a pair from their website knocked off from Sam Edelman…love!

And here’s a few pairs I own from Target that will be making a reappearance this summer!


Homemade Vanilla Pudding [In the Kitchen]

I’m easing back into life home from vacationing someplace tropical.  And these blustery days just aren’t making it any easier!  In lieu of sunbathing on the sand, I decided to make vanilla pudding.  It was multi-tasking if I’m going to be honest.  I wanted something warm and smooth and delicious…and the kids are always begging to buy Jello pudding in the grocery store.  I just can’t bring myself to buy those yellow-hued plastic cups.  So, with a few simple ingredients, yesterday afternoon filled my home with the comforting aroma of vanilla.

I snagged this recipe off Smitten Kitchen’s website, because, well…you just can’t go wrong over there.  Here’s the link:  Vanilla Bean Pudding

It’s amazing how a little unassuming brown stick can have so much more depth of flavor than vanilla extract.

See those little brown specks?  So. So. Good.

I decided to make a little extra for lunches.  Three little blonde heads were bopping around with excitement to hear they would have vanilla pudding in their lunch bag.  Only when they’re older will they thank me in the not the plastic-flavored kind from the pudding aisle.


To Sum It Up: Part 1 [Honolulu Child Photographer]

So this week’s summary is a bit more exciting than most!  My sweet friend, Berit, and her family live in Honolulu.  So, when we make our trip over to celebrate another year of birthdays, holidays and anniversary, I am lucky enough to have her host me for a photo session extravaganza!  This year, we were at Sandy’s with her and 5 of her friends.  I’m going to have to break it up into two blog posts because there’s just too much to share!  So, here’s part one of my 2012 Hawaii photo sessions!


Rascals to Rebels Spring Mini-Sessions [Rossmoor Photographer]

That’s right!  I’m back at the best children’s boutique…Rascals to Rebels!  This time I’ll be at the Rossmoor store on March 9, 10 and 11.  It’s a Friday, Saturday and Sunday with morning and afternoon time slots.  Here’s how it works…head over to the store and make a purchase (like a super cute outfit for Easter!).  You can sign up in the store for your FREE 15 minute photo session when you spend a minimum of $50 at the store.

This event is for kids only (the backdrop just isn’t very big) and once you see your photos, you only buy what you want…there’s no minimum purchase requirement.

Here’s a few sample pictures on the spring backdrop with the adorable Addison and Jillian!


Style Findings: Portfolio Coffee House [Long Beach Photographer]

Have you had a latte?  A REAL latte.  I mean, not the Starbucks variety.  And not the skim-milk variety either.  Once you have one, you almost can’t go back.  I say almost, because Starbucks and their super cute valentine’s cups may have wooed me back for a time or two.  Anyway, I have been to a few great coffee houses and of course my friend Elisa’s house. It’s so good that you don’t even need any sweeteners.  It’s amazing how good whole milk and coffee are together.

I’ve been at a loss to find a good coffee house near my home in Long Beach, so I recently asked some friends/coffee cconnoisseurs if such a place exists.  They both said Portfolio on 4th Street without hesitation.  If I wasn’t leaving tomorrow for a week, I would be there right now.  But, I guess it’ll give me something to look forward to when I get back home.  And I promise to bring my camera so I can tell you all about it!


In the Kitchen: 25 degrees [Huntington Beach Photographer]

I’m out of town this week, so that means no cooking!  I wanted to share a favorite burger restaurant in Huntington Beach: 25 degrees.  There are also locations in Hollywood and Chicago.  We love the HB location because if we go early enough on a date night we can avoid the ‘scene’ and make it out in time to walk along the beach at sunset.  Do I sound old?

Among other things, they have the best burger combos ever!  My favorite is number one with caramelized onion, prelibato gorgonzola, crescenza, bacon, arugula and thousand island.  They also have about a million sauces for your french fries.  And they’re all amazing!

This place is totally worth all the calories you consume.  I’m not kidding you…it’s goooooood!  And if you’re local and want to check it out.  Here’s the website:  25 degrees.


Flashback: Mim Pi Fall Photo Shoot [Long Beach Child Photographer]

This was a shoot I did this summer for Mim Pi’s 2011 fall line.  I love these sweet little models…they were the cutest!


To Sum it Up [Orange County Child Photographer]

Here’s what I’ve been up to this week!


Style Findings: Wallpaper [Orange County Photographer]

Do you feel like wallpaper is everywhere you look?  One on hand, it’s an easy way to update the look of a room.  On the other hand, it’s so…permanent.  I’ve been doing a few things to my tiny living area, like switching out the dining chairs and the light fixtures.  Next on my plan was wallpaper, but now I feel so wishy-washy about it.

I’m weary of graphics that will overwhelm my tiny space.  I’m feeling like subtle is the way to go…

And I want it to feel elegant without being too flowery or stuffy.  This Farrow and Ball is my current favorite at the moment.  I really need to take a trip downtown to look at samples.  What do you guys think…do you have wallpaper, do you you love it, do you feel like it’s just too permanent, do you not worry about these things???

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