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June 2011


Long Beach Aquarium Birthday Party [Long Beach Child Photographer]

I feel like I may need a t-shirt that says ‘I survived last week.’  Things were humming along and looking great and THEN I got a bee-sting while I was at the beach doing photo sessions on Tuesday.  Thankfully, one of my clients was there to help me get the stinger out of my finger.  By that evening my finger started to swell.  No biggie, just a little bit uncomfortable.  I worked away on the computer and woke up the next day unable to bend my finger…every couple hours the swelling moved down my hand, so I decided to see a doctor.  Of course this was after the pool party at my house and shooting a line of clothing.  So, I got steroids to help with the swelling and went to the next group of photo sessions on the beach on Thursday.  Fast forward to Sunday and I had done almost 30 mini sessions at Rascals to Rebels, hosted a few more dinner parties and my finger was back to normal.

It’s amazing how a tiny little bee affected my week so much!  I was trying to stay on top of my editing because this week, I’m taking some time off to hang with my family.  All that work last week was worth it.  I’m all caught up (for the moment!) and loving life with the use of all my fingers. 🙂

Speaking of parties!!!  Every so often I get to photograph the birthday parties of one of my clients.  I’ve been photographing Chloe for over a year, so when her mom asked me to document her 4th birthday party at the aquarium, I felt like a proud auntie!

This was such a fun place for a party!  They kept the kids  moving the whole time from one fun activity to the next.  Chloe had a blast and with her adorable expressive personality, gave me one fantastic shot after the next!


Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes [In the Kitchen]

Strawberries.  Jillian just asked me this morning why people are selling strawberries on the side of the road when you can buy them in the grocery store.  I thought about it for a sec and was like…because they’re AMAZING.  Of course we need them sold on every other  street corner!

After buying a flat at Costco, I was looking for recipes to take advantage of my surplus.  I’m not ambitious enough to can…but strawberry jam!  YUM!  Anyway, back to the recipe…my friend told me about Our Best Bites and it happened to have a recipe for Strawberry Cupcakes.  It had a few more steps in the recipe than I care for, but it was worth it!!

The recipe for the cupcakes can be found here:

I changed things up and made a traditional cream cheese frosting instead of the frosting the website recommended…again too many steps.  I’m a dump baker…I need to be able to just dump all the ingredients and mix.  So, if anyone tries their frosting, let me know how it is!  I would’ve been happy to eat the cupcakes sans frosting.  The flavor was that good.

Oh and by the way, I made these about a month ago.  Soon after my friend Maggie challenged me to a month of healthy eating.  And truth be told, I’m a little grumpy when I can’t eat all the yummy things I like.  But, my body feels better when I don’t eat whatever I feel like, so there ya go.  YOU enjoy the cupcakes, because I won’t be having any for awhile!



You and me. By the sea. [Long Beach Child Photographer]

I’m so excited about this next photo session…I love going to the bay.  Last year I went back time and time again.  Always something a little different, always something new to explore.  This year, I wanted to add a little twist, so I added a few props and I’m smitten.  The little hand sewn fish and the romantic white chair are the perfect whimsical touches.  (I made them in all different colors and sizes, then accented with a cute little contrasting button! 🙂 Of course, you don’t have to include any of the props in your beach session, but I think they add such a fun to the photos.

I tried a vintage-style editing too…and it also looks great!

And a huge thanks to Addison for being my little muse this morning!



Born this way [Orange County Newborn Photographer]

With Lady Gaga everywhere you turn, I have those lyrics in my head.  Not that that’s a good thing.  But, as I was going through Baby Jax’s  pictures, I was amazed at how he was smiling in so many of them.  I love babies with a happy temperament.  It’s like they enter the world ready to melt hearts.  I know the technical answer is that it’s not really a smile, but I choose not to believe that.  I believe their tiny little personality is showing itself…even at days old.


Underwater Photography [Long Beach Photographer]

My cousin, Kyle, just graduated from film school.  We were chattin’ it up at my grandma’s and he was telling me all about his underwater housing.  I’d heard of housing for cameras, but I thought it was just for surfers.  Then, I saw an amazing underwater maternity shot on pinterest and an idea was born.  Originally, Kyle and I wanted to have my friend Laura model for us.  She’s that perfectly tiny and stylish pregnant girl.  But, we missed the boat, because the baby came early.  Sooo, plan B was to use my kids as subjects.

Let me just tell you…this was the most fun I’ve had in AWHILE.  I swear we were in the pool at least 2 hours just having fun and trying ideas out.  I think this is the most I’ve been in our pool all year.  See family picture below and you’ll know why.  🙂  Kyle did all the technical-ish stuff and just let me try out some creative ideas.  It was  A LOT harder than I anticipated.  Maybe it’s because I had a hard time staying under the water for long, maybe it was because pushing the shutter was 50 times harder than normal.  I don’t know how surf photographers do it!?  Kyle’s a pro and taught me all the tricks of the trade.

I should also note that our pool is perfect for this.  The funny thing is that our house was bank owned and when we bought it the pool was a literal swamp.  We had no idea if it even worked or that the bottom would look like this.  After it was drained and cleaned, we were so excited to have such a unique pool.

I also really liked some of these images in black and white.  There’s just so much contrast!

Okay, so our family picture.  Kyle thought it would be fun to do this.  He forgot that I can’t submerge for longer than like 2 seconds.  Oh and I wear contacts, so I was squinty-squinterson.  I also learned through this experience that Brent is EXTREMELY photogenic underwater.  Like freakishly able to open his eyes and be all relaxed at the bottom of the pool.

And here’s Kyle.  He calls this one attack of the cousins.

We were thinking about offering underwater sessions as a special promo in August.  Of course this is for swimmers only.  Unless a parent wants to get the pool too!  If there’s enough interest, we’ll put something together…so give me a holler if you’re interested!



The Universal Language [Orange County Family Photographer]

I think once people have their own children, it connects them in ways they could not have imagined.  Brent had a friend over yesterday and even though we hadn’t met, the first thing he did was notice that my kids were watching Spy Kids.  He immediately started talking about the new Spy Kids that was coming out (he has his own children in similar ages to my kids) and boom.  instant friends.  I feel the same way when I’m on a photo shoot.  First some small talk, maybe some high-fives and the next thing you know I’m singing the theme song to Dora.

I’m telling you, kids are the universal language of all parents.