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May 2011


Summer Plans [Rascals to Rebels]

After enjoying a nice long weekend, we head into the home stretch of school.  The last three weeks.  How in the world is that possible!?  I simultaneously like and dislike summer.  I like the warm weather, the lazy days, no homework, no packing lunches.  I dislike the feeling of being a cruise director (planning activities for every day), hearing how bored the kids are and the generally unstructured days.  But, mostly I love it.  And thankfully it’s only 3 months.  So, by the time the we’ve had enough lazy days, school is ready to focus everyone’s attention.

One of the activities I have planned this summer is another collaboration with Rascals to Rebels!  We have 3 days booked for the 2 stores and I think you’re going to love this backdrop!  It’s made from century old barnwood (found by my awesome brother in law) and handmade bunting.  The bunting is red, turquoise and blue…perfect summer colors!  It can be easily taken on and off, so if you’re into the distressed wood and want to keep it simple, that’s always an option.

The sign ups will fill fast, so head to the Rossmoor store or the Huntington Beach store to pick up your cute outfit and sign up for a photo session!  Here are the details…


A Famous Guitar Player [Long Beach Child Photographer]

The other day I found ‘how to become a famous guitar player’ typed in my google search box on my computer.  Maybe Brent is thinking about a change in profession and forget to tell me.  🙂  OR, one of my three is dreaming about life as a professional guitar player.  Isn’t it fun to think about how we can do anything we want!  We can create a life out of doing what we love…AND GET PAID FOR IT!  The other day someone asked me if I still love what I do.  In a word, YES.  I get excited about ideas I dream up and families I get to meet.

If the 16 year old me could meet the 34 year old me, she’d be really excited about this life!  Being creative day in and day out.  It might be a lot of hard work, but that teenager that liked to take pictures would grow up to be a professional.  I hope that one day I’m attending a concert of my ‘famous guitar playing’ child.  I did just watch the Justin Beiber movie…I could be his mom.  Literally.


Morning Routine [Personal Musings]

My day generally starts with a tiptoe across hardwood floors to the coffee maker.  After a big cup of black coffee has warmed my hands and de-fogged my brain, I steal a quiet half hour to myself…trying to start the day out right.  And trust me, I need it.  I’ll read my Bible and just pray or think about things that I’m far too busy during the day to stop and think about.  Most mornings the kids cross my mind.  When you have your own children, you quickly realize that your heart is living outside your body.  Their best moments are your pride and joy and their troubles are your gut-wrenching agony.  I’m so hopeful for my kids.  I love seeing their personalities and talents blossom.  I’m equally scared for the moments that we all must walk through.  Hurt feelings, disappointment, bad choices, general heartache.  When I pray for my kids, I pray for protection.  I pray they’ll make good choices and that their life will be blessed.  But, the other morning, I was thinking about how we are who we are because of pain.  We can’t have character without walking through some tough experiences.  It’s so hard, because I don’t want my children to experience anything painful…but I know that in order for them to build character, they will.  And my heart will get a few more bumps and bruises in the process.


A few more! [Honolulu Child Photographer]

Just had to share a few more of the sessions from the Botanical Gardens in Oahu.  These families are so stinkin’ cute!

I photographed these guys last year and it’s amazing what a year can do!  Everyone was shy and not so sure about how they felt about me, but this year these cutie pies were my best friends and showing me exactly how cute they are!!

Another adorable family….  I love when mamas get in some of the pictures.  I love capturing that connection!

Little Hawaiian Baby!


More sharing from Oahu! [Child Photographer]

I’m so excited to share more photos from my time in Oahu!  All the families I worked with were as sweet as can be.  I feel really blessed!

The botanical garden where we did the photo sessions was amazing!  Equally as stunning as the crystal blue beach that we shot at last year!

And a huge thanks to Berit for putting this whole event together!!



Hawaii Sneak Peek! [Oahu Child Photographer]

As promised…a few sneak peeks from a photo session in Hawaii!  I’m in the middle of a busy week of photo sessions…or I guess at the end of it.  But, I’m hoping to find a little time this weekend to post some more.  They all turned out so good!


Instagram! [Personal Musings]

Instagram…my new best friend!  I love documenting without having to download, edit, save, etc.  It just feels like work.  And I hate lugging around my big camera.  And point and shoot pictures are just flat.  blah.  I know someday I’ll wonder why in the world I tweaked all the colors, but for today it feels fun.

With way more free time on my hands, I was an observer.  I drained my phone’s battery by mid-afternoon.  Now that’s living!  It’s so nice to slow down.  I need to do it more often.

Hope you enjoyed a little jet tour of the trip…I’ll be sharing photos from the seven families I photographed while on the island!



Lots to Share [Long Beach Child Photographer]

My poor blog has been a little neglected, but it’s all for good reason!  I’ve been out of town…and it’s just been so nice to get out of the humdrum of my daily activities that it just fell by the wayside.

I have lots of pictures to share…between the jobs I did here in Oahu and the personal pictures from my iphone.  I’ve fallen in love all over again with Instagram.  I downloaded the app a long time ago, but to be honest, I’m just to busy to play around with my phone.  I re-discovered the app because I don’t like to take my ‘big’ camera with me if I’m not working.  I want to just enjoy life and not worry about shutter speed and ISO.  Sooo, I pretty much always have my phone nearby and decided to document the personal pictures with the instagram.  It’s been so fun!  I promise to share some with you when I get settled back at home.

Speaking of home…we are getting on a plane and I CAN’T WAIT to see the kids.  It’s been so nice and wonderful to have some time with Brent.  And we are so lucky to have his parents that love our kids as much as we do…and are willing to take such good care of them while we’re away.  BUT…once your conversations start turning to how cute the kids are and wondering what they are up to…it’s time to go home!

I did put together a few pictures from a play date awhile back.  When I was doing the play dates, I loved how the playground equipment naturally lent itself to framing the subjects…in a quirky little way.


Tiny Oranges! [Orange County Child Photographer]

Guess what!?!  I’m featured today on Tiny Oranges!  It’s such a great website for moms of children living in Orange County.  I love the it highlights everything from local events to tips from other moms, amazing products and everything in between!  Jen is featuring my Mother’s Day special.  I have a few more spots left…so if you’re thinking about it EMAIL ME! (  I also have beautiful gift cards, so if haven’t hinted yet for Mother’s Day, let your guy know this is what you want! 🙂

Click here to check out the details for the Mother’s Day Special.  And I thought I’d share another session of a mama with her kids.  I love when moms take the time to do this.  It’s something you’ll always cherish!


Beef Taco Rice [In the Kitchen]

I’m switching things up and posting a recipe!  Sometimes I like to make a recipe that feeds 10-12 and divide it up between 2 dishes…then freeze one for later.  I’m super busy and life is so much easier when I can pull a homemade meal out of the freezer and not even have to think about dinner!

This one is adapted from Cooking Light.  It was called Beef Taco Rice.  Here’s the link…

Dice a medium onion and a medium bell pepper.  Add them to a skillet with a bit of olive oil…sautee…then add a half a packet of taco seasoning and a bit of salt and pepper.

After that, add 16 ounces of tomato sauce and about 4 cups of cooked rice.  Mix together until thoroughly heated.  Cooper likes to help open all the cans.  In fact all my kids fight for who gets to open the cans…it’s all about marketing!  I make the job seem super important and everyone wants to do it. 🙂

Spread the rice mixture in the bottom of a 9×13 pan, or (2) 8×8 pans if you’re dividing it.  Then cook a pound of ground beef or turkey with the other half of the taco seasoning.  Layer this on top of the rice mixture.  Then top with a can of refried beans.  Top this with cheese and you’re good to go!  If you want to get all fancy, you can layer it twice…rice, beef, beans, cheese, rice, beef, beans, cheese.

Bake it for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.  If you decide to freeze half, just defrost it in the fridge for a day, then follow the baking instructions.  I’m sorry I don’t have a photo of the finished product…teaming mobs of children ate it all up before I had a chance to photograph it!  What I DID do, was photograph my freezer so you can see how I use the disposable trays to make life EVEN SIMPLER!

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