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February 2011


Easter/Spring Mini-Sessions [Rascals to Rebels Children’s Photographer]

I’m so excited about this newest backdrop for Rascals to Rebels!  I’ve been working on it for a few weeks, so getting Hudson (my little muse) and my sweet Jillian for some sample shots was just too fun!

Here are the details:  Spend $50 at Rascals to Rebels ( and get yourself a complimentary photo session on one of the specified dates.  I’ll be at the Rossmoor store on March 11 and 12 from 10am-noon.  I’ll be at the Huntington Beach store on March 25 and 26 from noon-2pm.  You have to sign up in the store and these spots go FAST!  So, go check out all the cute Easter clothes and sign up!

This backdrop isn’t huge…so this is for children 12 and under with a max of 3 children per sitting.  The photo sessions last 15 minutes each, which is the perfect amount of time to grab some amazing shots of your cuties!

I love that this backdrop looks great with pastels, neutrals, white and even bright fun colors.  I wanted to show off some bright colors on Jillian and I love how she just pops!

Have a great weekend!



Magic [Long Beach Child Photographer]

Sometimes everything comes together in a photo shoot.  The sunlight is golden, moods are high, everything is in perfect alignment.  This shoot was one of those days.  I could’ve stayed forever with Reed and Kirra.  They gave me one priceless image after the other.  I loved the way they interacted.  And by themselves, they looked straight into the camera like they were showing their true self.  Amazing.

I hope we get to do this again soon…it was magic!



Valentine Baby [Orange County Baby Photographer]

This was a recent session from my Valentine minis…I’m already planning for the Easter mini-sessions.  I can’t wait!

This was a quite a serious little guy, until we said he could get down and crawl in the grass!

When you’re a baby being free is so much more fun than being stuck in a chair!  And can you believe this little guys blue eyes…and EYELASHES.  Oh my goodness, hearts are gonna break.



Rainy Day Baby [Orange County Newborn Photographer]

On this cozy-stay inside-rainy day, I was going through some old files and wanted to share a newborn session that never made it to the blog.  Sweet little Miette is probably gone to kindergarten by now…just kidding, but I do think she’s probably crawling!  Better late than never! 🙂

I got to try out a few of Kathy’s girly cocoons on Miette.  It’s crazy, but most of the babies I photograph are boys!

Kathy has opened an Etsy store under the name kneldridge.  Here’s the link to her listings:

She even has a few things on sale!

I’m also selling a few backdrops on the etsy site.  If you’re a newborn photographer looking for something new, I get these fabrics wholesale and color variation is amazing.  I’ve sold out of all but one…so I’ll look into getting some more!



No stress :) [Orange County Play Date Photography]

I’ve always been a fan of a laid back approach to photography.  There should be no stress, but somehow it always creeps in…even just a little.  That’s why these play dates have been amazing.  Moms hanging out and chatting while their kids play away.  I just HAPPEN to be there with a camera when they are laughing it up and having a good time. 🙂

Everyone walks away happy…with great pictures in hand! 🙂



DIY Valentine [Personal Musings]

I’m a little behind the eight ball on this one, but you know what, sometimes that’s just what happens!  I wanted to share my kids’ valentines for school…we had fun making them and they turned out cute!

First I designed the image in photoshop using a 4×5 template.  Then I had them printed as 4×5 prints…you can do 4×6 and either make them taller or cut off the extra inch.  Once I got all my prints back, I had the kids fold them in the middle.

Then we used some plastic bags from Michael’s and filled them with assorted sweets.  I decided to cut the top part of my bags off since we weren’t filling them with a huge amount of candy.  There are so many sizes of bags to choose from.  I chose a bag that was 4″ wide so we could use it with a 4×5 or 4×6 print.

Lastly, we stapled the print on either side.  It was a snap to put together and the kids loved giving out their personalized valentines to friends and grandparents!

Have a great Valentine’s Day!



Play Dates [Orange County Child Photographer]

Introducing PLAY DATES…a new concept for children’s photography. Here’s how it works: invite 4-6 friends to meet at the park with their kids. I show up with my camera and capture priceless moments of each of the children. No posing, no ‘cheeeese,’ just kids being kids. Each family will be presented with an online gallery of images of their child/children from our time at the park. The approach will be photojournalistic…truly showing who they are at this stage of life. This isn’t a time to get all gussied up and take them kicking and screaming to a ‘photo shoot.’ This is a time to play with friends and be a kid!

The details:

You choose the park that your children love to go to…I will stay for approximately one hour photographing the children.
*This is for weekdays only…during the day or after school for children that are school aged.*

Your friends each pay $25 for the session. Your session is free.

Your will receive access to special digital packages if orders are placed within a week of proofing.

**Offer is valid until February 28. Email or call 562-980-6480 to reserve a date.


Oh boy! [Orange County Child Photographer]

This week just flew by…I was wrapping up my Valentine mini-sessions and working a new promotion called Play Dates.  I’ll post tomorrow with all the details!  I also tried a few new recipes.  If you follow me on facebook, you saw that the highlight was black bean brownies.  I was secretly blending black beans for a brownie recipe that included no sugar or flour!  I served them to the kids first and they loved them and asked for them every night after dinner!  Brent says they taste like a ‘healthy’ brownie and when he found out they were mostly black beans he was skeptically examining everything that came out of the kitchen.  🙂  I also made a batch of blueberry muffins with no sugar.  The recipes for both are on my Facebook page.  Anyway, the busy-ness of the week had me neglecting my blog, so I thought I’d update with a sweet little family that welcomed a new baby brother a few months ago.

Jack and Matt had a By the Bay session this summer and they had me cracking up with them.  They are TOO cute!

Then at the end of 2010, they welcomed a new little brother and they are already introducing him to the world.  I love his expressions in these photos!

Welcome to life with big brothers!

I don’t have 3 boys, but I do have 2 boys and a little girl.  When Jillian was a newborn, I had her laying on a blanket and the boys (toddlers at the time) were playing around her while I made dinner.  I heard a little cry and looked up to Cooper dragging Jillian (by the head) or at least attempting to, saying ‘MOMMY…YOUR BABY’S CRYING.’  That third child has to be TOUGH!!