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November 2010


Family Reunion [Personal Musings]

We are wrapping up our time in Arkansas.  All the Eldridges are slowly filtering back to their homes and the big family reunion is coming to an end.  This week was filled to the brim with cousins, home-cooked meals, games, laughter and even more home-cooked meals!

The early morning risers were met with a crackling fire and a cup of coffee…

By the time breakfast was over, the kids were running outside and playing on the zipline.  Several years ago all the guys rigged up this semi-safe 🙂 aparatus and it’s become a fan favorite!

Here’s a glimpse of Thanksgiving Day…that’s a lot of people!   (and this table didn’t include any of the 10 children there)  We were all so thankful to be together and thankful for our gracious hosts!

Aunt Terri let Jillian ring the dinner bell…such a big honor.  And Jillian took her job very seriously!

After dinner we all went for a walk.  These are the walks I’ll miss…walks at home just aren’t the same!

I’m not normally really into landscapes, but I just had to take a few pictures at sunset.  The frozen ice on the trees and the colors of changing seasons look like a painting.

My cousin Katie is also a photographer, so I was lucky enough to be able to hand my camera over to her capable hands and be in front of the lens!  We spent a good chunk of yesterday doing family pictures, so I’m excited to share those as well.  But for now, we pack up and get ready to make the long trip home tomorrow!



Welcome Finn [Orange County Newborn Photographer]

Jude is the best big brother…

I think Finn’s going to have the gorgeous long eyelashes…just like his big brother!

Finn let me try out a few of the newborn cocoons…and what a sweet little model he was!  If you’re a photographer interested in purchasing a newborn cocoon, please email me (


My light [Orange County Maternity Photographer]

Sunset is my sweet spot.  I love chasing the sun and catching those last few minutes of golden glow before the light goes away.  This maternity session was so perfect…gorgeous lighting and an even more gorgeous mama.

I’ve since photographed Baby Finn, along with his big brother Jude.  I’ll have to share those tomorrow…they are just too cute.



Eldridge Halloween [Personal Musings]

Before too much time passes I wanted to share about Halloween at our house!  It was a crazy blur of parties, pumpkins, candy, costumes and more candy!  On Friday night we hosted a party for our young families class at church.  My friends helped me decorate and I think it turned out so cute!

These are the same tissue paper poufs I made for my backdrop at Rascals to Rebels, but in orange, black and gray.  I tacked everything to the ceiling with sticky tabs and came to find out later that they peel off paint AND a layer of the ceiling!  Thankfully I have a nice husband, who also happens to be good at fixing things!  He spent the next day patching all the holes and we are back to normal.  And I promised to stop using sticky tabs on the walls, *even if* it will totally MAKE a party.

The party was bring an appetizer to share.  It was perfect for Friday night after a long week…and people went all out!  Of course, I didn’t get any photos of the table filled with food.  Maybe because it didn’t last long!  I made cider apple donuts.  The shape wasn’t fantastic, but they tasted good.  Especially right out of the pan!  Here’s the link to the recipe:

The next day we made it out to Pa’s Pumpkin Patch.  It’s kind of a traditional thing to do, but we had to laugh at the hokie-ness of the whole thing!  They charge you an arm and a leg, then it looks like someone was out with a sharpie coloring in the rides!

I had to head off to Rascals to Rebels for my photo sessions, so Brent took the reigns on the pumpkin carving adventure!  I’m still sorting through photos, so no costume pictures yet.  Jillian was a black cat, Cooper was Anakin Skywalker and Jake was a ninja.


Rascals to Rebels Holiday [Orange County Child Photographer]

It feels weird blogging about Halloween one day and Christmas the next!  Poor Thanksgiving gets skipped right over!  It’s all the thinking ahead we have to do so we’re prepared for Christmas.  But, don’t worry, I’ll be traveling for Thanksgiving and doing photo sessions in Arkansas, so I’ll fill you in when that comes around.

For now, hurry on over to Rascals to Rebels and sign up for the Holiday Photo Sessions.  I’ll be at Rossmoor on November 12/13 and Huntington Beach on November 19/20.  All time slots will be noon-2pm.  These time slots will go fast, so buy your holiday outfit early and get your free photo session.  All in time for Christmas!

The backdrop has tons of white tissue paper poufs with twinkly lights throughout!  It looks so great with just about any color!!  I did a little photo shoot with Jillian at home…

Then I went by Rascals to Rebels and photographed some of the model search winners in some of my favorite holiday clothing from the store!