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October 2010


Holiday Mini-Sessions [Orange County Child Photographer]

I’m so excited about this new location for my Holiday photo sessions!  It has the perfect subtle lighting, pops of color and unique architecture.  I’m offering Holiday mini-sessions for the months of November and December.

The details:  $100 for a 20 minute photo session (in the Long Beach area for up to 5 people) and help planning your clothing, props, etc. and an ordering session if you’d like it.

I’ve already booked quite a few days, so call soon to book your session 562.980.6480 or email to inquire.


Peach Fuzz [Long Beach Baby Photographer]

I’ve always loved babies.  Even as a little girl, I had all the cabbage patch dolls and the accessories and a REAL LIFE baby sister.  I was 10 years old when my youngest sibling was born, so it was like a dream come true (and I’m sure for my mom too!).  I babysat all through college and I cherished having my own three little babies.    Now that my three are no longer babies, my ‘baby fix’ comes in the form of photo sessions!  I ooh and ahh over your baby!!

This little guy was no exception!  He reached for me right after we met.  I think he knew how much I loved him.  🙂 And his little peach fuzz hair.  Oh my goodness…it was just too cute.

Dad is a police officer, so we had to incorporate his hat…

These were all taken in the studio.  Normally I like the soft blue and white, but I decided to convert a few to black and white.  I’m really liking the high-key effect!


Stunning [Orange County Child Photography]

There’s something about mellow light on creamy skin and big dark eyes.  Smiles and knock ’em dead serious looks are both equally stunning.  What a little beauty!

I have another busy week ahead with photo sessions…including another newborn, the pumpkin patch and a few trips to the nature center!  I’m hoping to fit in a few blog posts because I’m WAY behind on keeping you updated!



Dressing up girls [Long Beach Commercial Photography]

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a commercial job.  I forgot how fun it is to play dress up!  These dresses by Sierra Julian are gorgeous….such great style and very well made.  Jillian and a few of her friends went with me to the beach and we just played for a bit.  My friend Cindy was my assistant for the afternoon and we ended the session with a Strawberry Shortcake movie at my house.  Not bad for a day’s work!


6 Months Later [Long Beach Baby Photographer]

We were supposed to meet when he was born, but the photo session fell through and months past.  Now he’s 6 months old with chubby fingers and toes.  And big blue eyes.  HUGE.  He’s so expressive and was really into his surroundings.  Even though our photo shoot was 6 months late, he had 6 months to get even cuter!


Halloween Event at Rascals to Rebels [Orange County Child Photography]

Every year I love helping the kids pick out their Halloween costumes!  Their choice always reflects their personality.  And how awesome is it to be able to dress up and be someone else for the day!!  Kids own it too…they fully embrace the super hero or princess and embody that character.

Well, if you’re like me, I think about taking the photos at night and they usually don’t turn out that fabulous.  Soooo, I’m teaming up with Rascals to Rebels again for a Halloween photo shoot!  We wanted to make this do-able for everyone, so it’s a drop by event.  Meaning…you don’t need to make an appointment.

I’ll be at the Rascals to Rebels in Rossmoor on October 30 from 2-4pm and the Rascals to Rebels in Huntington Beach on October 31 from 3-5pm.  I’ll spend a minute or two with each child and get a few fun photos in front of my hand-painted grey backdrop.  The photos are simple, timeless and a fun way to commemorate a really FUN holiday!

Here’s the deal…it’s $20 and you’ll get THREE digital images (high resolution).  Drop by with your kids in their costumes, pay the $20 and fill out a bit of info so I can email you the photos the next day.  Share them with all your family and friends, make copies.  IT’S A GREAT DEAL!

Also, Rascals to Rebels has so many cute Halloween tees and accessories that you’ll want to do a little shopping while you’re there. 🙂


Baby Finn [Orange County Newborn Photography]

I really shouldn’t be blogging right now.  I’m on my way out the door on a date with my guy.  Yeah for me!!  BUT, after I downloaded the images from my newborn session, I HAD to share just two.  Finn has the sweetest family ever…I promise I’ll blog the rest of his photos soon, but for now.  Just a tease.

Have a great weekend!