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September 2010


At the Beach [Long Beach Child Photographer]

This week is one of those times that I’m thankful to be able to spend countless hours at my computer.  In my air-conditioned house.  The temperature has been well over 100 and we are all saying that summer and fall decided to do a little switch-a-roo.  Oh well.  How can we complain when the rest of the country will be getting out their winter gear and we will be heading to the beach!

Stay cool!



Holiday Cards 2010 [Long Beach Family Photographer]

I’m so excited about my new cards for 2010!  All cards are custom made, so text, color and some design elements can be changed.

You are welcome to use photos taken earlier this year for Christmas card designs.  I am more than happy to make recommendations for what will go well with your photos!



Good-bye Summer [Personal Musings]

This time next week will officially be Autumn.  How did it go by so fast?  I am transferring all my files to my new computer and came across a trip we took this summer.

It was the kids’ first time in a hotel.  They’ve flown and driven all over the country, but we always stay with family and friends.  We decided to take a little trip to Palm Springs.  In August.  For those of you that don’t live in California.  Those little words mean 119 degrees.  OR MORE!  But, kids don’t seem to notice heat and we still had plenty of fun.

The hotel had a parrot that would repeat words, so Cooper made it a goal to teach this parrot everything he knew.

On our way out of town, we spent the day at the water park.  This photo makes me laugh because the kids clearly look over-heated, but they wanted to spend the ENTIRE day there.  We did not leave the park until the minute they closed.

Fun memories!  Especially now that school is in full swing and summer feels like eons ago!



Connection [Long Beach Maternity Photographer]

I’ve photographed Payton before, with her adorable red curls.  It was an extra special treat to get her mommy with her in front of the camera!

Their connection is so sweet!  Payton just wanted to be with her mommy.  She wasn’t paying much attention to the camera…which is exactly the way I like it!

We had such a fun time!  I can’t wait to meet the new baby!!



Giggly Little Girls [Orange County Child Photographer]

Back when the wildflowers were in bloom I did a photo shoot with three little cousins.  This was such a perfect setting for three giggly little girls!

I already can’t WAIT for the wildflowers to come back.  Next year I’m going to start early…there just wasn’t enough time this year!



Vote for ME! [OC Children’s Photographer]

I’m so excited to share a few places that I’m featured on the web!

First up is the “Just Spotted” blog.  I’ve been nominated for this photography blog!  The cool thing about this is that I’ve only been in business in the OC for 2 years.  The award will go to the blog with the most votes, so pretty please throw a vote my way!!

To vote, click HERE and once you’re on the Just Spotted website ( click on the link to vote!

Remember Cooper’s birthday party a few weeks ago?  Well, the party has been around the web!  It’s featured on Sara’s Party Perfect.

And a Spanish website called Alguma Bossa.  I’m not sure exactly what all the text says, but I think it’s good!!

Lastly, the website where I bought a lot of my party supplies at, Garnish, featured me on their blog!

Exciting news!  So, don’t forget to spread a little blog love around and most importantly, DON’T FORGET TO VOTE FOR ME!

Have a great day!



Beach on the Brain [Children’s Beach Photographer]

With the cold-ish summer we’ve had, I’m making my first trip to the beach with the kids today!  Speaking of beach…I spent plenty of time in the bay doing photo sessions.  Even when it was a bit chilly, my clients always put on a brave face in the summer clothes and made it look warm. 🙂

I love the vintage pedal car they brought for the boardwalk.  Such a timeless photo!

I’m off to soak up some sun with the kiddos on one of the last days of summer break.  After such a busy work week, I’ll enjoy it even more!