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July 2010


Back to School at Rascals to Rebels [Orange County Child Photographer]

I’ve never liked school pictures.  I didn’t like them when I was elementary school and I still don’t like them now that my kids are in elementary school!  That crinkly blue background with the cheesy pose isn’t worth spending money on!!  SO, I’ve come up with the perfect solution.  I buy the class picture as a school memory and I make sure to have a special photo shoot with my kids to commemorate that year of school.

Now, YOU can also have that perfect solution!  At the end of August, Rascals to Rebels will be hosting a Back to School event so you can celebrate the upcoming school year with a special photo shoot and now you won’t have to buy a ‘not-so-cute’ blue background picture!  But, this isn’t just for school aged children…babies and toddlers are welcome too. 🙂

Here are the details:  Spend $50 at the store and sign up for your free photo session.  I’ll be at Rossmoor on August 20 and 21 and I’ll be at Huntington Beach on August 27 and 28.

I got Jake and Hudson to model in front of the new wood backdrop and I love how the pictures came out!

I’ll be bringing the chalkboard square/bench as well as a skateboard and a radio flyer wagon…it’ll be all kinds of fun!  So head over to Rascals to Rebels to sign up for your photo session.  They always go fast, so hurry! 🙂



Tzatziki [Personal Musings]

Even though our southern californian summer has mainly been overcast, it hasn’t stopped us from grilling and eating plenty of summer-inspired cuisine!

Right now I’m a little obsessed with tzatziki!  It’s great for dipping just about anything.  I love pita, vegetables and it’s a great condiment for kabobs.

This recipe is adapted from Smitten Kitchen, which was adapted from Barefoot Contessa!

14 ounces Greek yogurt (I use non-fat)
1 hothouse cucumber, unpeeled and seeded
1/4 cup sour cream (I use low-fat)
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
1 tablespoon dill
3 cloves of garlic, minced
2 teaspoons kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

Place the yogurt in a medium bowl. Grate the cucumber and squeeze the grated cucumber with your hand to remove some of the liquid. Add it to the yogurt along with the sour cream, lemon juice, vinegar, dill, garlic, salt and pepper and stir.

Again, there’s no finished picture of this dish because my hungry family devoured it…but you get the idea!

Here’s to sunny days ahead!



Six [Irvine Children’s Photographer]

With a promise of frozen yogurt and 30 minutes until sundown, I sped down the 405 to check out a new location.  My schedule is jam packed this week, so I didn’t have time to spare, but I needed to make sure this place was as cool as I remembered it when I drove by months ago.

The kids were totally worn down, so I knew I had no chance with the boys.  Jillian agreed to take a few picture for me.  “Five, mom, just five pictures.”  “Six,” I bargained.  I had six shots to decide if I’d use this location for my upcoming maternity and family sessions I have planned.

Even though the fog was sacked in, I love it.  It will be a million times more beautiful when the sun is out, and I can’t WAIT.  I’m so excited to shoot in the texture of the long wheat grass with the sun shining through.  It’s magical.

Her hair’s not brushed, yellow might not be the best color for this setting, but I love it.  Six beautiful shots of my six year old girl.



Another year older [Long Beach Family Photographer]

I love the familiarity of photographing families every year.  It makes me feel like part of their family.  I love how the kids grow, the families grow…and I get to help them document every step.

The Wong family grew by another member since last year.  This little guy is now a big brother.

Here’s the newest addition…and this is the actual picture they used for the birth announcement.

Such great eye contact for a newborn!

I love these sweet family moments on their bed too…

I’ll leave you with a photo I took in the front of the house.  They have such a great drive-up…it’s just gorgeous the way the greenery frames their front door.

I can’t wait to see them again next year when everyone is  whole year older…and cuter!



Hume Lake [Personal Musings]

Today we spent the afternoon on the lake.  The goal is to make it to the big rock so the kids can jump off.  We rented a boat and a paddle board to get this family of five out to the big rock.

Jake wanted to take the paddleboard and I think the fact that he is so skinny worked for him this time…he just about beat us there!

Jillian decided to stay in the boat and take in the view from saftey.

Once we got to the rock, Cooper had no problem scaling up to the top…then jumping off with barely a second’s notice.  Jake wasn’t too far behind him. 🙂

I did make the kids pose for a few pictures while we were waiting for our life jackets and Jillian was happy to oblige.  She also wanted to get into her brothers’ pictures.  Jake may not have been super excited about this idea!

And on that note, I’m about to wake the kids up from their nap so we can head off to the next adventure!



Time Flies [Orange County Senior Photographer]

I’m out of town this week and my life has slowed down enough for me to reflect on the first month of summer.  We’ve filled it with play dates, afternoons of reading favorite childhood books and special baking projects…and it’s not even half way over.  When my schedule gets full it’s hard for me to live in the moment, but this summer I don’t feel like I’ve missed a second.

I did bring my computer on this week away from home and I just finished up designing an album for this set of triplets that graduated in May.  I’ve been working with their mom to finalize the art for her walls and the album that will go on her coffee table when these three take off for college in a few short weeks.  She keeps telling me how fast the time has gone and I believe her.  Time speeds by us as we spend our summer keeping little ones busy and before we know it, the summer they leave is upon us.

I had so much fun photographing these seniors…I wanted to do it again!  I’m still trying to put together packages for seniors, but if you are a senior or know someone who would be interested, I’m looking for senior reps for the 2011 graduating class!  Just email me ( for details!

I’ll leave you with all the pretty pictures and hope to check back later this week sharing some of our own adventures at Hume Lake!



All about Perspective [Orange County Child Photographer]

I’m a huge fan of children looking up and into the camera.  Normally I like to get on their level and make the viewer delve into their world.  But, every once in awhile, eyes up directs the light flawlessly into their face.  It captures every freckle, eyelash and twinkle.  Forever.

On this shot, angle is everything.  It’s amazing how an inch up or down can dramatically affect how the picture will look.  I try to capture them glancing up, that way it’s a natural view.

Older kids will glance up if you call their name, with little ones, games of hide and seek will do the trick!



Zucchini Madness [Personal Musings]

We are going to Montana in August…visiting ‘Grandma and Grandpa that live on the farm.’  It’s not much of a farm, but it is a nice spot of land in the middle of nowhere.  And by nowhere, I mean 7 miles outside of a town that boasts a population of 2,000.

My parents may not have loads of farm animals, but what they do have is a ‘farm-worthy’ garden.  I grew up with ears of corn, raspberry patches, watermelon, root vegetables and everything in between IN MY BACKYARD.  We ate fresh every night during the summer.  My mom would go with a colander to the backyard and pick lettuce along with everything else that would go into the dinner salad.  Some nights she would send us kids out with bowls to pick strawberries while she made the shortcake and whipped cream. (How idyllic!)

I didn’t always love eating vegetables as a kid…OKAY I may have hid them in my napkin from time to time.  But, I did learn to love them over the years and now I’m making my kids love them too.  And I’m also checking their napkins. 🙂

The other night I made a zucchini tart for dinner and was kind of surprised that the entire family ate it.  Sometimes you have to shoot for the stars and eventually all the little people at the dinner table get on board!  But, zucchini, it’s like the thing in your garden that goes a little nuts.  People that grow zucchini are always trying to give it away.  Give BAGS of it away!  My mom was always making different zucchini recipes to use up the produce, so I thought of her when I made my tart.  Then a few days later, I made zucchini muffins.  And I don’t even half a zucchini plant in my backyard.  I just like vegetables!  See, mom, I’m a success story!!

If you’re feeling healthy and want to try the tart, click here.  It’s really good and I served mine with fresh peaches…it was a perfect summer dinner.

I think I need one of those infomercial batter distributor-thingys.  I’m quite messy!  Oh and here’s the muffin recipe.

Two dozen muffins had disappeared by the next morning.  Now, we did have friends over for dinner, but the kids kept coming back for more.  And I didn’t find zucchini in anybody’s napkin!  Success!!



Summer [By the Lake] Orange County Child Photography

Time for my next Summer installation…Summer [By the Lake]!  I’m super excited about this location.  It’s so beautiful and just ethereal.

Here are the details:  For the month of July I will be doing mini-sessions at this Long Beach location…20 minutes long and your choice of one digital image for $100.  Additional digital images and prints can be purchased a la carte.

I’ve also decided to extend the By the Bay sessions for the month of July because I wasn’t able to fit everyone in the month of June that wanted to participate.  AND, if you are interested in booking a wildflower session, book it right away because the wildflowers are on their way out!

The images work so well with a vintage feel, but also look great with punchy color!

I also found a little patch of wildflowers by the lake, so we can incorporate those as well!