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May 2010


European Lullabies [Orange County Child Photographer]

I’ve been photographing these twins since they were just barely sitting.  I love hearing their mom sing little European lullabies to get them to smile.  I’ve photographed them enough times that I’m starting to learn a few of the tunes. 🙂

Like so many of the twins I’ve photographed recently, they also have a big sister.  She’s super sweet and I can always count on an authentic smile from her!

I’m so thankful for all my repeat clients.  Getting to watch the babies and kids grow is the ultimate icing on the cake!

Have a great Wednesday…the loooong weekend is just around the corner!



Bunny Ears [Long Beach Children’s Photographer]

Last summer I photographed Parker when she was just two weeks old.

And here she is now showing off some amazing baby flexiblity!

She is such a cutie and also has a big sister who is equally as cute!

Their session took place before Easter so, of course they had to wear bunny ears for a few pictures!

I love seeing these two grow up and I can only imagine all the fun they’ll have together down the road!



Summer Reading [Personal Musings]

With just a few more weeks of school left, summer is just around the corner!  I wanted to share some books I’ve recently read…for me it was more like Spring Reading.  When I was in Hawaii last month, my free time wasn’t committed to laundry, making dinner and doing homework.  So I plowed through four books in just a few days.

I’ve always loved to read.  I remember hiding under my covers reading The Little House on the Prairie series or The Babysitter’s Club series.  I also loved Nancy Drew…oh and The Chronicles of Narnia.  It’s harder now to make the time to read, so when I’m away from home it’s the perfect time to read, read, read!

The first book I read was A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray.  My friend Shannon recommended it last summer and that’s how long it’s taken me to start it!  It was a fun read…much like the Twilight series…a whimsical fantasy.

Then I read Outliers by Malcom Gladwell.  I loved reading about how and why people are successful.  The main take-away for me was the importance of hard work.  I’m so glad my parents instilled in me the value of being a hard worker and I hope to do the same for my kids!

Next was Life is So Good by George Dawson.  My mother and father in law both recommended this book and I have to admit at first I was skeptical that I would like it.  The story of a 98 year old man that learns to read didn’t sound that exciting.  It was SO much more than that.  He basically tells his life story, which I LOVED.  It was a true feel-good story!

Last, I read Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell.  It’s a true story about a Navy Seal that lost all his comrads and had to survive over a week in Afghanistan until he was rescued.  Once I picked it up, I could not put it down.  I still can’t believe all the training the Seals go through.  It’s amazing!


More Twins + Long Grass [Long Beach Child Photography]

Here is another set of twins from March…I told you…I photographed A LOT of twins in March!!  These two had a big sister who was fantastic with keeping them in the same frame.  She either had her arm around each of them or she was being silly to help them smile.  What a great big sister!

This was back when my friend Jeni let her backyard grass grow REALLY long for me…but doesn’t it look great!?

Unless you’re crawling, then you’re like…get me out of this jungle!!

I need to think about growing my own patch of LONG grass!!



Before & After [Long Beach Senior Portraits]

I mentioned before that I’m pretty behind on updating my blog…but I do twitter pictures after the session (follow me on twitter!) more often than I put them on my blog.  I guess it’s just easier to quickly put it on my phone with a quick…how cute is this!?

Blog posts take much more effort!  I’m just not a writer…I get distracted and my point is a jumbled up mess in between the pretty pictures. 🙂

ANYWAY…I had Emily’s senior session this week and her mom was telling me how much she enjoyed the before and afters.  I thought I’d take one of Emily’s pictures and show a few different ways I would edit the image.

Here’s the RAW image with slight adjustments in ACR.  Nothing major, just adjusting the brightness and contrast.  I gotta say, I love the color that comes of out my Canon 5D Mark ii.  And my 50 1.2 isn’t too shabby either.  The stats for this image:  f/2.8 1/500s ISO 200.

While I love it plain and simple, it also looks great in B&W.  One of my favorite B&W conversions is TRA Boring Old Black and White.  I applied Yin Yang (dodging and burning) then Nichole Van Soft Gold at 60% and a fake tilt shift.

The old wood lent itself to a vintage feel, so I tried out my newest actions from LilyBlue.  This one is Honey and it’s great for skin tones.  I also added her Walnut Blurgrain for a little hmmmph.

Another LilyBlue action that I love is Coral.  It looks great here, but I also love to use it on pictures with greenery.

Lastly, I wanted to try to pump up the sunshine, so I used TRA2 Faded Summer along with overlays by Jesh De Rox called India and Moon Landing.

I promise to share some more from Emily’s gallery soon…but for now back to work!



Twins! [Orange County Newborn Photographer]

The month of March brought so many sets of twins!  My very first set of newborn twins were perfect angels…those that are photographers know newborns can be a little tricky to photograph.  It’s probably my favorite type of photo session, but if the baby is easily startled by the camera shutter or generally fussy, it can be really hard to get a good photo.

All that to say, I had my fingers crossed that having two newborns at the same time would go over well.  It did…and then some!

Here are some pictures of the twins together…

And the girly-girl…

And her twin brother…

This was such a fun experience!  I hope to photograph newborn twins again soon!!



4×4 [Orange County Children’s Photographer]

I’m about 2 months behind on my blog, so it was many weeks ago that we had their session and since then the twins have actually been signed with Zuri, the modeling agency I work with.

I should also mention that they have a big brother and sister.  Four kids…four years old and younger!

Cuteness exploding all of the place…I’m telling you!  What an adorable family. 🙂



Rascals to Rebels for Father’s Day! [Orange Children’s Photographer]

I’m super excited to be pairing up with Rascals to Rebels again for an upcoming event!  I’ll be at the Huntington Beach store on May 21 & 22 and at the Rossmoor store on June 4 & 5.  They just put up the sign up list, so go over there quickly before they all fill up!

The details:  Spend $50 at the store and get a complimentary photo session on one of the dates mentioned above.  (15 minute sessions between 10am and noon)

Adorable pictures of your kids is the perfect FATHER’S DAY gift and all the prints will be delivered back to the store in plenty of time for the big day.  I chose a faux wood backdrop, which goes well with bright/punchy colors as well as neutrals.  I’ll also be bringing a fun orange stool (if you decide to go with bolder colors) as well as a bunch of vintage suitcases (which look great with neutrals).

The girls at the stores are fantastic at helping you pick out clothes for the photos and of course I’m available for clothing consultation.

The backdrop also looks great in black and white!

And with a vintage effect…

Here are all the suitcases…

And more of the orange stool…

And more punchy colors!

Sign ups are available at the store and everything will be delivered before Father’s Day!



Lanais and Grass [Honolulu Children’s Photographer]

Believe it or not, I wasn’t only at the beach in Hawaii….I also photographed in the lanai of a beautiful home and took a few on the grass under the palm trees for those that weren’t so into the sandy smiles!

These two were a little shy at first (as in, MOM DO NOT GO ANYWHERE)…but by the end we were old friends! 🙂

And I’ll wrap up the post with a few more of the gorgeous beach I was at…still trying to get over the color of the water.  Almost doesn’t look real!!

Now, don’t you all want to plan your next vacation to this place!?

Have a great weekend!



Feel Something [Hawaii Family Photographer]

When I started my business, I used to have my friend Shannon (who is an amazing photographer) critique my work.  I’ll never forget a bit of advice she gave me…”you want your photos to make people feel SOMETHING.”

I love looking at images thatbring me to tears, tug at my heart, sigh, laugh, cringe…make me FEEL SOMETHING.

Life is more than a pretty picture and it definitely isn’t perfect.  As I was combing through a lot of these images from my jobs in Hawaii, I recalled Shannon’s advice.

I should also mention that these gorgeous people are my friends.  I went to college with Tony many moons ago.  His amazing wife and kids are the perfect subjects.  They put their emotions out there…the best way to be photographed!


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