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April 2010


Just like Mogli [Personal Musings]

The other day, we were relaxing in our favorite little corner of paradise.

After getting fully engulfed into book number three of the week, I hear Brent’s voice far far above me.  “Is this one the biggest?”  WHAT!?  He had climbed up a 20 foot palm tree- mogli style- and was picking a coconut.

The next thing I knew he was banging it on the reef, telling me that Tony taught him how to do this years ago in Samoa.

After a few minutes of amusement, I started videoing with my phone so we could show the kids.  Then, more and more husks started piling at Brent feet and I realized there truly was a coconut inside. 🙂

We shared the coconut…drinking the milk and everything.  Then retreated back to our books to soak up the sunshine.  I love days that are so lazy the highlight is eating a coconut.  🙂

I’ll be sharing some of the pictures from my photo sessions when I get home tomorrow, but for now, I’m off to enjoy our last night here!



Obsession with Chairs [Long Beach Children’s Photographer]

I have more chairs stuffed in 1300 square feet of space than any other person alive.  There’s the 10+ dining room chairs because I have a lot of friends and I like to have people over for dinner!  Then, there’s chairs stashed in each of the kids’ rooms…artfully disguised as pieces of decor.  I have several chairs in the studio, then there’s my secret stash of chairs hiding under the eave in the back.

I love seeing a toddler climb all over a chair.  The way little toes dangle just above the floor…the way they lend themselves to hide-and-seek games and nooks to snuggle into.

So, the chairs will always be rotating from Craiglist to my house, then back on Craiglist!

Let’s focus on the positives in this situation.  The constant rotation of vintage furniture in and out of my house takes me from being a hoarder and puts my into the eco-chic category. 🙂  I’m the recycling queen!



Highlight Reel [Bay Area Children’s Photographer]

So…the weekend was a blur.  Many hours on the road, bestest of friends, BBQs, sleep-overs and hugs from all my clients I now call friends.

I had the day to sort out files, edit and get packed up to leave again.  This time for Hawaii.  It’s part work and part fun…well mostly fun!  And the work is fun too…so I guess it’s all fun! 🙂

Seeing that I’ll be on a plane all day tomorrow, I wanted to give you a little highlight reel from my weekend in the bay area.  And can I just say that it’s so much prettier than Long Beach.  I’m sorry, LB…I love you.  But, northern CA is the place to be for photographers.

My next post will most likely have white sand and blue water.  Sorry to rub it in. 🙂



Headed out! [Personal Musings]

It’s still dark and I’m just about ready to load the car for the long trip up to the Bay Area.  I’m so excited to see our great friends and meet up with some wonderful clients.

You can think about me driving over the grapvine with three little blonde heads bopping all over the backseat.  Thank goodness for TVs in cars!!

**The rose backdrop is sold…thanks for all the emails. 🙂

Have a great weekend!



Roses for Sale [Huntington Beach Kids Photographer]

If you can believe it, I’ve already delivered the prints from the Rascals to Rebels mini-sessions.  I’m in the middle of planning our next event!  Time flies.  I had many many people ask about the hand-made rose backdrop, so I thought I’d sell it if anyone is interested.

The backdrop measures 54″ by 58″.  I have it on a wood frame right now, but I’ll be taking it off the frame.  So, you’ll need to either make your own frame or hang it from a backdrop stand.  Either would work fine.

The price is $125 and I only have one, so it will go to whoever emails me ( first!  I should add that it’s very intricate…took me about a week to make.  All the canvas fabric is dip-dyed so the color is graduated and it’s all glued on piece by piece.

Here are a few recent pictures on the backdrop…and I’ll share more later.

And you can click here to see more pictures of the backdrop.



Tween [Newport Child Photography]

Tween. A tween is a child between the ages of 9 and 12. A tween is no longer a little child, but not quite a teenager.

I love this age…silly, serious, adorable…all wrapped up into a growing-by-the-minute package.

I must say, Nicoletta is a doll to work with and she’s always dressed perfectly.  Not too adult, not to child-like.  Perfectly tween.  And you gotta love J.Crew for doing such a classy line for girls!

I was a little shocked to discover that tween covered the ages of 9-12.  So, I’m the mom of a tween.  Jake is a tween.  Wha-what???  Next thing I know I’ll have several tweens on my hand…and don’t tween turn into teen-agers!?!  Ah.



Carlee [Long Beach Baby Photographer]

Sooooo…it’s the weekend!  This is the first weekend in a while that I have a Saturday off.  Woo to the hoo!  Brent and I are attending a friend’s wedding, then we’ll hang out with the kids and I might even mop my floors.  The life of a rock star.  🙂

I hope you are ready to enjoy a fun-filled Saturday!  And to kick it off, here are some pictures of 7 month old Carlee, who’s just about edible.

I would love to put a caption to the picture above…something like, ‘are we done YET?  My agent did not agree to these conditions.’  Ahhh, cute little baby smirk.

These pictures were taken in the studio…I keep meaning to share pictures with you.  It’s only been, what A YEAR, since it’s been finished.  I love the natural light and it’s so great to have a large flat screen for my ordering sessions.  I’m searching for the perfect pillow to finish the space, then I’ll share pictures.  Promise.



April in the Bay Area [Bay Area Children’s Photographer]

I CANNOT believe it’s been almost a year since I’ve been back to the Bay Area to take photos and visit friends.  Crazy!  I’ve been in contact with a few of my previous clients and I’m mostly booked, but I decided to open up Sunday morning April 18 for some mini-sessions.

Unfortunately, I’ve priced myself out of many of my previous client’s budgets, so this is a great/affordable way to update your photos while I’m there.

Price: $100 includes 20 minute session and one digital image

Location:  Park in the East Bay (exact location depends on who will be attending 🙂

Date/Time:  April 18 10:00am to 11:30am

If you’d like more details or want to book a mini-session, shoot me an email to

And since rainbowed colored hands has NOTHING to do with mini-sessions in the Bay Area, I’ll include this to add a little chuckle to your day.  Who knew egg dye was so strong!?  The kids had multi-colored hands at church on Sunday morning. I guess I probably should have MADE them use the sticks provided in the kit. 🙂


The grass is greener [Huntington Beach Child Photography]

Straight haired girls want curls.  Curly haired girls want straight hair.  The grass is always greener on the other side!

I have the fascination with curly haired girls…you know the ringlets that boing boing they walk.  Oh, it’s just the cutest thing!

Her mom told me that they were planning on having it straightened, but it didn’t work out.  I’m sure it would have been lovely, but then I wouldn’t have all these darling little curls in my pictures!!

I should also mention that there’s a little brother…he doesn’t have curls, but he’s equally as cute. 🙂

Hope your week is off to a great start!  My kids are on Spring Break, so I only have one photo session scheduled this week (a newbie that I just can’t let get any older!).  All that to say, I think I’ll have a bit more time to get you all caught up on the blog.


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