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February 2010


Light Sets the Mood [Newport Child Photographer]

Sometimes light just sets the mood of the photo session.  I was so glad when I saw the outfits these girls had for the session…they blended seamlessly with the scenery and gave the images such a soft, romantic feel.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for a spring photo session with the spring settee.  I’m doing a promo for the month of March.  $100 for a 20 minute photo session and one digital image.

Now if I can just get some good lighting for tomorrow…rain rain go away!!



Easter Mini-Sessions [Orange County Portrait Photographer]

I’ve got a lot going on these days!!

Here’s the scoop…Rascals to Rebels is offering complimentary mini-sessions (with a $50 in-store purchase) on the gorgeous new spring backdrop I created especially for the store.  Click here to see the pictures.  This is the perfect time/place to have your children photographed in the cute Easter outfits!

I also wanted to offer something for families (since I can only photograph children on the backdrop…it’s pretty small!) and those that aren’t able to make it to the dates/times that Rascals to Rebels is offering.

For the month of March, I will be doing 20 minute photo sessions with this victorian couch.  (You don’t have to include the couch in your session, but it’s pretty darn cool!)  The sessions will be $100 and include one digital image.

I only have one weekend date available (March 6) so that date will fill up quickly, all other sessions must be scheduled on a weekday.

Please email at to reserve a date/time for your session.

Here are some recent pictures taken on the victorian couch… (there’s a lot!!)

These time slots will go fast, so email me to schedule your session!



What no one else sees [Vintage Furniture Photography]

I like to see things that no one else can see.  I like to look at a dilapidated piece of furniture and know there’s potential in there.  somewhere.

A few years ago (in the Bay Area) I found an antique couch that was in great condition and took it into a local field for photo sessions.  It was a huge hit and I wanted to do it again.  To view those pictures, click here.

This year, I had an itch to try it again, so I began scouring Craigslist.  After a few weeks of searching I found the perfect couch:

That was the actual picture posted on Craigslist!  My father in law, Bruce took me to pick it up.  Even though he didn’t see what I saw, he was calm-cool-and-collected as he loaded it into his truck.

Here’s the actual process of stripping, painting, upholstering, etc. that took place over the week:

When I talked to the owner of the couch about how old it was, she told me her grandmother bought it in the mid-west as an antique…in the 1930’s!  I did a little research of my own and found out that it dates to the mid-1800’s.  wow.

I’m so thankful to have a family that loves me through the mess of a process like this, so I can have all my dreams come true in a couch like this:

So, what’s the point of the story??  I’m doing mini-sessions with the couch!  Yeah!!  Just in time for Easter.  I’ll be setting up time slots for all those interested…details coming in the next post.



Growing families [Huntington Beach Child Photographer]

I’m so appreciative of repeat clients…and getting to watch their family grow is an added bonus. 🙂  Last time I saw Emma, she was just sitting up.  This time she was on the go go go.  AND I got to schedule a maternity and newborn shoot for the newest member of the family!

I’m off to photograph a maternity client…more growing families!



Sunday Night [Long Beach Family Photographer]

I’m composing myself for the week ahead.  It’s going to be a busy one, so I have to get all my ducks in a row!  Lots of fun stuff coming up.  Easter, Easter, Easter!  I have to work way ahead of the seasons, but the anticipation of the next holiday is so much fun.

Here are a few pictures from a recent Valentine session…

Hope you have a great week!



Easter Mini-Sessions [Orange County Children’s Photographer]

I’m so excited about my latest event with Rascals to Rebels!  We are doing Easter mini-sessions at both store locations and the new backdrop is to die for!!  It’s all hand-dyed fabric fashioned into rosettes with miniature leaves.  The pale green goes really well with both pastel colors and bright colors…lots of choices for Easter outfits!

Here’s how it works:  Spend $50 at Rascals to Rebels (hello, cute Easter outfit!) and you’ll get a complimentary photo session.  It’s 15 minutes and will result in approximately 10 amazing images proofed in an online gallery.  You’ll order whatever you like and it’s delivered to the store in a week!  Just in time for Easter!

Here’s a few recent images in front of the new backdrop…

I’m so excited to see all the kids decked out in their cute outfits!!!  Go sign up! 🙂


Then & Now [Orange County Kids Photographer]

I’ve been busy busy busy with new photo shoots, editing and some really fun projects!  I’m up to my elbows in paint and dust these days.  I’m so excited about this new victorian settee I’m restoring for Easter!

In the meantime, here are some cutie pies from a recent photo shoot:

This little guy was photographed in my studio as a newborn.  Here is 6 months ago…

And here he is now.  Still the same irresistible chubby cheeks!

I’m off to finish another coat of paint!



That smile [Long Beach Kids Photographer]

I have boys.  I know that smile.  The mischievous smile that catches you off-guard and the next thing you know you’ve been bamboozeled.

It happens to me in the candy aisle, the ice cream store, target…you name it.  Why do they have to be so cute!?

It’s a good thing he has a big sister. 🙂  My boys have a little sister, but she still keeps them in line!

It’s been a long week of projects.  I’m re-storing a very very old settee that will be showing up for Easter. (can’t wait!) as well as the new Easter backdrop for Rascals to Rebels.  Lots of fun stuff coming up!



All the stars aligned [Huntington Beach Kids Photographer]

This photo session was one of my favorites…between the big blue eyes, European clothes, dogs in sweater vests, props and the perfect lighting…I was in heaven!!

When Kate Lauren’s mom told me she wanted a picture with her and the dogs…all looking in the same direction, I told her I’d do my best.  But, in my mind, I was skeptical!  Kate Lauren doesn’t stand alone and the dogs weren’t the most obedient dogs I’ve ever met.  All the stars aligned and Kate loved my vintage bench…and so did the dogs!  Yeah for us!!!



Patience pays off [Orange County Newborn Photographer]

What is it about newborns in hats?

I think it’s that they just look so cozy.  You can’t help but want to pick them up to cuddle!

I love the little back wrinkles!

We were patient and let Kai drift off into a deep sleep, so he rewarded us with lots of wonderful pictures!  It’s so hard to photograph newborns when they are lightly sleeping.  Every click of the shutter makes them jump and it can look like karate poses instead of sleeping newborn.  🙂  Patience always pays off!  A newborn in a deep slumber can sleep through just about anything.

Such a sweet guy!  I can’t wait to see Kai again when he’s sitting up!


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