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October 2009


Baby Carson [Orange County Newborn Photographer]

Yesterday was one of my most favorite newborn sessions with a baby that isn’t even technically a newborn…at least in my world. 🙂  Carson is at the wise old age of almost 2 months (I normally see babies within the first 2 weeks) and he still curled up perfectly, smiled on cue, promptly fell asleep and took a million gorgeous pictures!

I also love the pictures he took with his mommy and daddy.  They have me swooning!

And you gotta love a baby that knows kung-fu….this picture has me smiling.

I literally could post the entire session on my blog…because this family only knows how to take amazing pictures!



A location that speaks to you [Orange County Beach Photographer]

A few weeks ago I did some mini-sessions at Seal Beach for families.  Monica and her family have been clients over the past year and when they told me that they come to Seal Beach all the time it was a perfect fit.

I love when the location means something to you.  I want you to love being there and that will definitely show up in the pictures.  The portfolio on my website is divided up into locations instead of genres for that reason.  When you scroll through the pictures, you will most likely relate to the location and envision yourself being there.

So here’s Monica and her family having fun at the beach!

I should also mention that the fog was sooo thick that day…but we made the best of it!  And they had fun, because this was *their* location.



Live in the moment [Personal]

I’ve spent today in my pajamas organizing my files, making phone calls, working on my new piece of vintage furniture and fitting a few sets of push ups and lunges in between.  Talk about multi-tasking!

In a few minutes I’ll go pick up the kids from school and go into mommy mode.  Isn’t it amazing how many hats we wear?  When I work I’m a machine, but I am learning how to turn it off and have fun with my kids…stopping to enjoy the moment.

Here’s Sam, one of the kids’ friends…we were at a museum and I just looked down for a second and caught this photo.

I love how fresh it looks.  It serves as a reminder to live in the moment!

Have a great day–



80’s Throwback [Personal]

So, yesterday after I picked up the kids and rushed them through homework, we decided to carve pumpkins.  This means our entire dining room table gets covered in newspaper and I realize that the floors I cleaned earlier in the day…pointless.  We go all out…the kids scoop out seeds, gross each other out and next thing I know, my clean floors are a thing of the past!  But it sure is fun!!

Being a former first grade teacher, I had the kids sketch out their ideas on a piece of paper, then I transfered it to the pumpkin.  So efficient. 🙂

We ended up going out to the pumpkin patch later on, so I let the kids wear their costumes.  If you’re going to buy a costume, my opinion is, you might as well wear it as much as possible.

I hinted before at what the boys were going to be…and if you aren’t as old as I am, I might have to tell you…they are Ghostbusters.  I love that the 80’s are back in style and I can relive my childhood over and over!

Oh and I should also mention that the boys’ personalities come through so well in their pictures.  Jake is the subdued, nice ghostbuster and Cooper is the ghostbuster that actually scares ghosts!

And Jillian, well Jillian is just “herself” this year.

Anyone else going to be an 80’s throwback for Halloween this year?  …strawberry shortcake, carebears…??



Sweet and Saucy [Long Beach Photographer]

I’ve shared before that I’m a details girl.  I love when an ordinary item or event can be taken to fabulous with attention to the details.

A perfect example of this is my local dessert studio…Sweet and Saucy.  When Melodi first opened her shop I heard about it from no less than five totally un-related friends.  This girl knows how to network!

I headed in to buy some treats for a client and was totally blown away by her shop and the amazing goodies she makes.

Since then, I’ve been back time and time again.  When I need to bring something extra special to a client or if I just want to treat the kids…this is where I go!

The last time I went, I brought my camera so I could share this with the rest of you!!

I’m in love with the decor…it’s understated and really chic.

I also love Melodi’s cake stands.  Oh my goodness, I feel like I want to start my own collection!

She sells cupcakes…regular size and mini (which is what I get so I don’t feel quite so guilty!)

Cake Lollipops, which I had never seen before, are the perfect gift because they are easily portable and so unique!

Melodi is probably best known for her wedding cakes…which are out of this world.  Go to her website and take a look.  You’ll be blown away.

So, whether you need something special for a big event or just want a mid-day treat.  Go to the shop in Long Beach at 6400 Stearns Street.  She has these cute little half tables to stay and eat your treats!

Have a great Tuesday!



Adorable! [Seal Beach Children’s Photographer]

Such adorable kids…and Jordan truly is the nicest big brother a little girl could have!

Their outfits went perfectly with the location too!

I’m so excited about the way these turned out and can’t wait to show you the rest!



All about the shoes! [Orange County Children’s Photographer]

When Diana showed up, she asked if she should change into the red converse she brought.  Trying not to jump up and down, I answered…um, YES!  I love when the perfect shoes make the picture…and I think these really do!

I love the way these turned out…and Sophie is so cute she’s nearly edible. 🙂



Busy Busy Busy! [Orange County Family Photographer]

So after a super busy week I’m finally admitting that I’m starting to feel sick.  Ugh.  It’s no fun being sick and I’ve done my best to take Airborne, drink plenty of water and eat healthy, but sometimes burning the wick on both ends catches up to you!

Anyway, I have lots pictures to share and some beautiful families that are excited to see a little sneak peek from their photo session.

I’ll share a few posts tonight and then try to get caught up again this week!!

Such a cute family…and the third time Elise has been in front my camera.  Yeah for familiar faces!!



How they’ve grown! [Orange County Baby Photographer]

I had a great week of photo sessions ending with some familiar friends!  Weston came out to the Rascals to Rebels event last summer…and boy has he grown!!

I also got to meet his big brother…don’t they look so much alike!?

After playing around in the back yard for awhile, we decided to go inside.  I love these serene pictures of the boys playing with their trains.

We ended the photo session with the boys’ cousins who dropped by for a quick updated picture for their Christmas cards.  I cannot believe this is the same baby I photographed not even 2 months ago…wow.

It is such a treat to be able to see clients again and again!  I love my job and I love my clients!!

Can’t wait for you to see the rest of the pictures–



A Range of Emotions [Orange County Children’s Photographer]

I had so much fun planning this photo session and being able to use some of my vintage furniture.  In fact, I just bought a new piece last weekend that needs a little TLC…but it’ll be showing up in sometime soon!

Harrison and Lauren kept me on my toes!  We had lots of fun running around the park and showing off their super cute outfits!

I love working with toddlers because they just call it like it is…you get the range of emotions from serious to super duper excited.   No cheesey smiles…it’s all authentic here!

I had a great time and can’t wait to show you the rest of the pictures!!


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