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July 2009


Heralded [Orange County Newborn Photographer]

For those of you that haven’t heard, Tiny Oranges is THE blog for local moms of little ones.  Months and moths ago, I got to meet Jen, the mastermind behind the blog.  We talked about doing a photo shoot when she had her baby, and the day finally came!   I arrived at brand new baby Morgan’s house and was greeted at the door by her big sister, announcing “The photo shoot is here! The photo shoot is here!”  I wish I had a herald everywhere I went…talk about momentum!

These two little girls are so precious…you can just envision them running around together years down the road.  For now, big sister is happy to lend a baby cradle to Morgan and watch over her. 🙂

The girls’ mom, grandma and aunt were all at the photo shoot and I thought it was especially sweet when grandma spoke up that she had a similar photo of her girls when they were little!

Morgan was a super star…she stayed pleasant while I tried different wraps and poses-

I know I always say this…but it’s so hard to narrow down which images to share on the blog.  These two little girls are amazing and hopefully I’ll be able to photograph them as they grow up together. 🙂



Three year old fun! [Long Beach Children’s Photographer]

As much as I love being in Montana to enjoy time with my family, the internet service leaves a lot to be desired.  I generally end up making a trip into “town” to bum service off a local cafe.

So, that explains the lack of posts!

Before I left on Saturday, I got to hang out with a recently turned three year old and his mom.  He was so much fun in ways that only three year olds are.  We played hide-and-seek, see how high I can jump, find the biggest leaf, etc. until we headed over to the playground.

I love that mom brought a couple different shirts…it adds variety to the photo session.

Thanks for the fun times!



Grandkids…lots of them [Long Beach Children’s Photographer]

How lucky for Don and Paula to have all their grandkids in town at the same time?!  Definitely worth a photo session. 🙂

Baby Jena is the newest grandchild and everyone loved to hold her!  She is so cute…it’s like she’s a live baby doll!!

Megan is the oldest grandchild and she was such a fantastic helper with the younger kids.  I’m a little jealous of her bouncy curls!

Here she is with her little brother…

We brought a few toys to the park and took advantage of climbing trees…

I had such a hard time narrowing down which pictures to share on the blog…there are so many great pictures of this adorable family!



Wind Whipped [Seal Beach Children’s Photographer]

Despite being whipped around by the wind, these kiddos were so sweet and easy going…totally hanging with me for an hour at the beach.

Here’s a few from under the pier…much less wind here!

Then I hauled a piece of furniture all the way to the water.  It’s all about commitment. 🙂

There were a few sea creatures we stumbled upon!

I love the lighting in this picture.  You just can’t beat the end of the day sunshine at the beach!

Thanks for braving the wind for me!!



Private Beach [Seal Beach Children’s Photographer]

Yesterday I had a photo session in the late afternoon at the Seal Beach pier.  I’m working on a blog post right now, but in the meantime, I have to show you a before and after that made me laugh.

Here is the gorgeous Kim and her beautiful babies on their own private beach…

And here is the reality of the situation…we had to share the beach with everyone else. 🙂  I strategically placed myself so there aren’t tons of people in every shot, but I really loved this picture so I decided to just clone everyone out!

Lots more coming soon…



Big Brothers [Long Beach Family Photographer]

The first time I met the boys was last year.  They had me at *matching uggs* and mini-sized denim.  So cute!

This time around they brought their new baby sister!  She is adorable…a perfect addition to the family.

I totally related to this picture because I have my own two boys and a girl…all close together in age.  They are holding on to her so tight.  What good big brothers!

You gotta love a family picture where everyone is smiling…even the baby!  And those pink ribbon shoes!!!  Good shoes run in the family. 🙂

Can’t wait to see you next year!



Darling [Long Beach Newborn Photographer]

When Darling is your middle name, you’re off to a great start!

Tessa’s photo session was full of girly…a frilly tutu, ruffled bloomers and lots of pink.  I re-stored this antique chair to use for children’s photo sessions, but I was also super excited to try it out for a newborn.  I’m in love with Tessa’s ruffled bloomers and couldn’t decide if this image looked best in color, black and white or vintage.  Which is your favorite??

Tessa is five weeks old, which means she an “older” baby in terms of newborn photo sessions.  She was a posing pro…letting me move her around and fold her up in cozy newborn poses…all without making a peep!

What a sweet photo of Tessa and her mommy…

What a beautiful girl, what a beautiful name!



Sunset lighting [Long Beach Children’s Photographer]

I love it when I can make a 9 year old laugh like this…

Two year olds make it easy on me…they wear their heart on their sleeve, but as we get older it’s a bit harder to have the camera turned on us!

These two are so cute together!  I loved the way they interacted…not to mention the gorgeous sunset lighting.

The best time to do outdoor photo sessions this time of year is around 6:30pm.  The lighting is just amazing, plus it can be scheduled after your work day.


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