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May 2009


I love Rascals! [Seal Beach Children’s Photographer]

I had a phenomenal day at Rascals to Rebels in Rossmoor today!  I’m telling you.  THE cutest kids.  THE cutest clothes.  And Marilyn and Karin are amazing!  They are personal shoppers and baby whisperers.  Can you guys come work for me too in your time off!? 🙂

Here’s a little sneaky sneak.  This little girl is so stinkin’ adorable!  Such a fun personality too.

Can’t wait for another fun day there tomorrow!



It’s a small world [Long Beach Maternity Photographer]

What a fun surprise to find out this morning that the gorgeous and glowing Tiffany knows one of my close friends from the Bay Area, Sabrina!  What a small world!  We had lots to chat about as we roamed around Seal Beach, starting with the train museum.

Tiffany came with an arsenal of cute dresses…and cute shoes to match!  I love working with clients who share my love of vibrant colors!

This last maxi dress was simple, but photographed SO well.

Tiffany, I had so much fun with you and Mark!  I can’t wait to meet Julia.  She’ll be the best dressed baby girl around!



1950 [Personal Musings]

Harry Truman was president, gas was 18 cents a gallon, my house was built and this truck was made…

My dad rebuilt this 1950 Chevy truck and I got to check it out when I was home a few weeks ago.  It has such great patina and I love that my dad isn’t going to paint it.  He’s leaving it as is.  The entire inside is re-done, so it’s a smooth ride.  I even got to drive it into town!  But, the outside looks like it belongs in the 50’s…just the way I like things!

This picture was taken in my parents’ front yard.  Living here is a rough life, but somebody’s gotta do it!!

Here are my parents and their dog, Elroy.

What a great old truck!  Thanks for letting me drive it, Dad!



Brenda+Jeremy [Bay Area Photographer]

A huge part of my life in the Bay Area centered around a girl named Brenda.  She was my friend through thick and thin.  Her and her daughter Kira spent countless hours at our house.  We made Chipotle our weekly hang out and our kids thought they were siblings.

The last time I came out to visit, I could not help but photograph my friend with her new fiance.  I am so excited for her!  I think Jeremy is the perfect guy to marry Brenda and I can’t wait for their wedding in August!!

Here’s just a few of my favorites…

I couldn’t be happier for you guys!!



Rascals to Rebels [Seal Beach Children’s Photographer]

We’re at it again!!  I’m teaming up with the best children’s boutique…Rascals to Rebels…for a summer event.  The store is hosting mini-sessions at the Rossmoor store on May 29/30 and at the Huntington Beach store on June 5/6.

The sign ups are filling up fast, so go on in to stake claim on a photo session!  This is the *perfect* father’s day gift…and the prints will be back in time for June 21.

I love bright punchy colors against this cool blue background!  Rascals to Rebels has a fabulous selection of summer clothes including this next Oh La La Couture dress.  Although it’s not as bright as the first picture, it’s SUCH a cute dress!!

I can’t WAIT to see all the kids decked out for this next round of mini-sessions!  And don’t waste any time heading over to the stores to sign up!!



The Big Five [Personal Musings]

While we were in Montana, Jillian had her 5th birthday.  My mom decided to make her the same barbie birthday cake that she made me on my 5th birthday.  For anyone that knows me, these kind of things make so happy!  I dug up my baby book and have to share this…

And this is Jillian on her 5th birthday…

Jillian was so suprised about her cake.  My sister, Janelle, secretly decorated the cake…which Jillian thought was a volcano when she saw it come out of the oven.  I hope this birthday is one that Jillian will remember when she’s all grown up!



Time Traveler [Personal Musings]

No, I didn’t fall of the face of the earth.  But, I did travel back in time to the days of dial up while spending the week in Montana with my family.

The week has been fun-filled and I’m so glad I was able to see my brother graduate from University of Montana.

We started out in the Adams Center and saw all the graduates together…this was the view.

Then, the majors all went to different locations to receive their diplomas.  Travis was honored for a special award in middle eastern history.

I’m so proud of my little brother!  He is way beyond me in the brains department!

I also spent the week working on my new background for the next Rascals to Rebels mini-sessions.  This time, I wanted an oceanic feel, so I worked with mod-podge and every shade of blue tissue paper under the sun.  This is the result…

Oh and the chair happened to be sitting in my parents’ garage.  It is the perfect compliment to this background, so my dad helped me take it apart and pack it in my luggage.  I can’t wait to share more pictures of the background as well as the rest of our adventures in Montana!



Birthday Beach Pictures [Orange County Family Photographer]

It doesn’t get any better than the perfectly mellow sunset lighting on the beach!  When I first talked to Bobbi, she knew she wanted beach pictures and her birthday was the perfect excuse to get her girls and their families together for images they would remember forever.

The lighting cooperated, the kids cooperated, even the beach patrol cooperated!

This was one of the first pictures we took and Hudson wasn’t too sure how he felt about the sand and water!  But, it’s so picturesque…I had to share it!

It took Kate a little bit to warm up too, but before long she was all smiles!

Here’s a little more family love…

I could keep on sharing, but I have to save some for later!  Have a wonderful birthday week!



Cloudy Beach [Huntington Beach Children’s Photographer]

A few weeks ago, we packed the family up for a cloudy afternoon at Bolsa Chica.  It was too cold for the kids to surf with Brent, but not cold enough to stop them from hunting for shells and making sand castles.

We are snuggled together, not just because we love each other, but because it was freeeeezing!

Sorry about the blurriness- the timer thought the waves and the clouds were more important than us!  I’m off to a sunset photo session in Laguna Beach tonight.  It will be much warmer than this day was!!



The 50 [Bay Area Children’s Photographer]

A few weekends ago when I was down in the Bay Area I met up with Krista and her family.  Krista is an up and coming photographer, so we spent the time talking shop and shooting…back and forth.  It was so much fun!  Her kids happen to be adorable models, so they spent a lot of time in front of the camera for us. 🙂

The photo session was at 2pm…high noon for all intensive purposes!  We talked about how angle is everything when you don’t have a lot to block the sun.  When I’m shooting in an open field like this, I want to angle my camera down so I don’t let as much light in.  That way I get more detail in the picture, instead of a blown out white mess.

After walking around for a bit, we found a perfect little nook of tall grass where the sun filtered in perfectly!

When I have great lighting, I love to shoot with the 50mm 1.2 lens.  Wide open, it creates creamy skin tones and vignettes the photo, so it almost cuccoons the subject.

What a perfect day for a photo session, what perfect kids to photograph!!  Thanks for the great time! 🙂


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