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April 2009


Baby in a Bowl-Part 2! [Bay Area Baby Photographer]

Remember when it sounded a little creepy to say “we met on the internet”?  Not any more.  With all the wonderful website out there (and the wonderful people behind them) the internet turns into a network of friends and resources.

That’s how I met Irene.  She was searching for a baby photogrpher and came across my site.  Then it worked out that I would be up in the Bay Area at the time she needed pictures.  Perfect timing.  I love you, internet!

And I should mention that one of the things that stood out to her initially was a photo of a baby in a wooden bowl. So I brought the bowl with me!

Irene and her husband have amazing taste in home decor.  I immediately saw their Louis Vuitton trunk and knew it would have to be incorporated!  They told me it is an antique from the 30’s.  I may have tried to sneak it out with the super cute baby if I didn’t think they’d notice. 🙂

I’ll end with one more photo I took at a nearby shopping center.  We took full advantage of all the beautiful pots of flowers…and tried to avoid the security guard!


Green As Wee Grow [Seal Beach Children’s Photographer]

Before I left for my weekend up north, I had a photo shoot with Sam from Green As Wee Grow.  Her organic clothing line features whimsical designs on super soft cotton.  We chose a natural background and just let the kids play around.

Green As Wee Grow also features crib bedding and sheets.  Love these colors!

Go check out the site and watch for new pictures on her site from our photo shoot!



TGIF [Orange County Children’s Photographer]

After a long week of tasks and getting ready for the weekend of photo shoots up north, I’m excited to be doing the Green As Wee Grow photo shoot this morning, then jumping in my car to just drive!

I’ve been praying all week for good weather and it looks like it’s going to happen…yeah!!!

Have a great weekend!



Feather Headbands [Huntington Beach Children’s Photographer]

Has anyone else fallen in love with feather headbands?  I love the whimsical appeal and I’m not sure if I can pull it off, but I’m envisioning a photo shoot for Jillian!

One of the photo shoots I did at the Huntington Beach Rascals to Rebels involved a family of four.  They were the sweetest, most well-behaved kids!  Not to mention stylish.  The oldest daughter was wearing a little feather butterfly bauble that was so cute.  She told me later when they got their prints that she’s going to start selling them!  I’ll be first in line.


Love this little guy 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!



Sweet Disposition [Orange County Newborn Photographer]

I’m still playing catch up while I get ready for a big trip this weekend!  Here’s a cute little guy that I photographed a few weeks ago.  He was just 8 weeks old and had the sweetest disposition.

I love this expression!

And Dad wasn’t planning on getting into the picture, but I managed to catch this while he was waiting for me to change back drops.  So sweet.

And here’s one more that I particularly liked.

Well, with all this hot weather, I’m going swimming.  I’ll worry about more catch up later! 🙂



Nine Months [Long Beach Baby Photographer]

I can’t believe how fast nine months has flown by.  Hudson’s personality hasn’t changed one iota.  From the time he could open his eyes, he connects.  He has that little spark.  The spark that says, I’m going to do great things.

Hudson also happened to have a pair of Baby Legs…so he kindly brought them along.

Thanks for hanging out, Hudson.  It’s ALWAYS a pleasure.



Planning Photo Sessions [Long Beach Children’s Photography]

Fantastic photo shoots don’t just happen…they’re planned!  And I happen to love the planning. 🙂  Kelly and I started talking months ago about her family’s photo shoot this weekend.  We chose a field of wild flowers and my white couch, complimented by punchy-colored outfits.  Great job on the outfits Kelly and family!!

I love this sweet little photo of the boys playing with airplanes.  The kids’ Papa is a pilot, so our original plan was to do the photo shoot at the airport.  In the end, we decided against it, so I love how the airplanes still made it into some of the photos.

What beautiful kids!  It was a pleasure to document this stage of their lives!



Spring Break [Personal Musings]

Just had to write a quick post to say that I am sitting on TONS of cute pictures right now.  I’ve had quite a few photo sessions lately and this week was spring break for my kids.  So, my editing workload is piling as I’m waiting for school to start back up on Monday!

Hang in there…lots more sharing coming up!

In the meantime, I took some pictures of the kids to update my canvases.  This one makes me smile!



Must be adorable [Orange County Children’s Photographer]

Now that my railroad tracks photo shoot has been realized, I’m on to the next idea!  I am looking for a baby girl that is sitting age.  Must be adorable…must be willing to travel to my studio in Long Beach.

Have you all seen Baby Legs? I’d love to photograph a bare-skinned baby with a pair of funky baby legs on my new white sofa.  Email me at if you are interested!  The photo shoot will be free of charge, prints may be ordered a la carte.

And since a post isn’t a post without pictures, here’s a few recent photos of my just-about-edible niece Jena on said white couch…

Isn’t she sweet!?



Second Cousins, Once Removed [Seal Beach Maternity Photographer]

My dad is his dad’s nephew.  What does that make us?

I think it’s second cousins.  Or maybe it’s a cousin, once removed.  Regardless, I’m glad that his wife Laura looked me up after almost 10 years of not seeing Josh!

We spent the afternoon at Seal Beach, galvanting around.  And just when Josh thought we were done, we weren’t.  We were off to the next location.  Thanks for being a good sport. 🙂

Off to the meadow…

Thanks to the 405 traffic, we got a late start and had the last rays of sunshine to end our photo session.  Amazing.

These last two might be my favorite maternity shots ever.  I love the whimsical nature and the perfect mellow lighting.  Thank you Laura for balancing yourself up in that tree for so long!

The best part of today, was a spaghetti feast after our marathon photo session and plans to do it again when the baby comes!


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