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March 2009


Making up for neglect-Part 2 [Huntington Beach Children’s Photographer]

Why do boys always get the long eyelashes??

This next shot was one of my favorites from the entire day.  I love the way he’s just checking me out…

And another super cute expression…just makes me smile!

That’s it for now folks…more to come soon!



Making up for neglect [Huntington Beach Children’s Photographer]

I’ve been horribly neglecting my blog…but all for good reason! My three younger siblings were in town, along with my whole extended family, so this weekend has been filled with endless family get togethers.  I’ll take it when I can get it.  And work will fill in all the cracks of time. 🙂

I’ll make up for it by posting two more photo sessions from my Huntington Beach mini-sessions.

I love direct eye contact from infants.  It’s so cool when they hear they name and look directly at me…just as I click the shutter.  In this next picture, she looks a little *concerned*, but don’t worry she has a great big brother!

Love this last shot…what amazing eyes!!



Home again Home again… [Huntington Beach Children’s Photographer]

…jiggety jig!  After spending today figuring out what time zone I’m in, I’m ready to get down to work!  I started by boxing up all the gorgeous prints that were waiting on my door step.

These are all going to the lovely folks that came out to the Rascals to Rebels event in Huntington beach.  I did a little mix up on my normal pink and green packaging.  It is Easter after all!  I love the way they turned out.  I have Laura to thank for the raw-edge satin bows…love that idea!

The stickers are new too.  Aren’t they perfect for Spring!?

So, here are some of the kiddos from the photo sessions…and the share is going to take awhile…there was a lot!

To be continued…



Figured out the Timer! [Personal Musings]

Even though I’ll be a little sad when this isn’t included in my everyday wardrobe…

…and I don’t look out my window to this…

…I am ready to get back to the kids and the humdrum of life at home!

Before we leave, I finally figured out how to work the timer on my camera.  Yeah for us!!

See if you can figure out the person that is out of breath from running through the sand to make it there before the shutter clicked!



Mellow [Personal Musings]

Things have been pretty mellow this last week on the North Shore.  Even the waves have been flat.  In fact, the most action I’ve seen around here is Brent getting cut off while surfing.  He was pretty impressed that I caught the whole incident.  🙂

Well, we are off to the beach again…maybe I’ll catch something more exciting today!



Pinching myself [Long Beach Children’s Photographer]

Just had to share a few pictures from your photo session yesterday!

I had to pinch myself yesterday!  Am I really in Hawaii, taking pictures of such cute kids??

Right now I’m in love with chubby baby feet and round bellies.

As if their backyard wasn’t beautiful enough, we headed over to an open patch of long grass and trees.

Even when things seemed hectic, Berit was nice enough to let me steer the ship…divvying out bits of granola bars, singing songs and lugging loads of pillows outdoors!  All with a generous dose of calm!

This is my new favorite image.  Where else in the world do you find a tipped over piano to climb on?

You guys are awesome!  Thanks for letting me spend the afternoon with you…and hope you enjoy the pictures!



Dear John [Personal Musings]

Dear John Locke,

It was great running into you at Foodland this morning.  Remember when you had your hat pulled low so no one would recognize you.  But I did.  I looked at you and was like- hi, then you were all- hi.  Let’s do that again some time.



Eight years ago, we stumbled on the North Shore and have come back several times.  A few years ago when Lost came out, I had this naive fantasy that I would see one of the characters at the gas station or the grocery store while we were visiting.  I told Brent on the plane on the way over this time and we laughed about it.  Then low and behold, I met John Locke…my favorite character…in the grocery store this morning.  Weird.  Too bad I didn’t have something more intelligent to say.  Or happen to have my camera on hand!

More surf pictures on the way!



More of Baby Aaron! [Long Beach Children’s Photographer]

I can’t keep Aaron’s mom and dad waiting any longer, so here are a few more sneak peeks from our photo session on Monday!

The first thing I noticed about Lisa was her smile.  It makes you want to smile along with her!  What a great mommy you are, Lisa!!

It was such a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you guys!



Baby Aaron [Long Beach Children’s Photographer]

I’m jumping on a plane at 6 am tomorrow (to Hawaii-woot!!), but I had to post a quickie for Aaron’s mom and dad!!

I’ll post more later tomorrow, but didn’t want to keep you waiting. 🙂

Can’t wait to show you the rest!!



Railroad Tracks Realized [Long Beach Children’s Photographer]

My vision for the railroad tracks was finally realized this morning!  After waiting a few weeks for my vintage suitcase to arrive, I met Sarah and her two little cuties.

Grant’s haircut was what won me over…oh and that infectious smile!

Grant’s little brother Cole goes by Cole Cotton.  Isn’t that the cutest name for the cutest little boy??

Thanks cute boys for a fun morning!!


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