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October 2008


Another cute family!

Another cute family from my Saturday mini-sessions!

This little guy was on the run…aren’t all two year olds?? 🙂  But, I got him to lay in the grass for a bit and I love this shot.

And here’s one from the play structure…

Look at that smile…what a professional!



One Year

Nancy scheduled a mini-session to document Bella turning one year old.  I love this age because they’re that fast yet, so I can get some really great shots!

And of course we had to get some pictures of Bella with her big sister Zaria!

It was great seeing you guys again!



A Break Through

I met Victoria at one of my Easter mini-sessions earlier this year.  She is a little on the shy side, so the first time I met her I didn’t get too many smiles.  This time started out the same way…

But, it didn’t take long before we had a break through and there were smiles all over the place!

Thanks for all the beautiful smiles, Victoria!



All or nothing

I guess it’s all or nothing with me these days!  I haven’t posted for awhile because I’ve been working on tons of photo orders…not to mention moving into our new place.  We moved in two weeks ago and I’m proud to say that there are no more boxes.  I still have to put things on the walls (hello, new canvases!) and after that I’ll do a big share. After I get a little caught up I plan to do mini-shoots with each of my kids to do some big canvases for the walls.  I’m already styling it out in my head. 🙂

Anyway, on to the “all” in all or nothing!  I just got back from a weekend trip to the Bay Area.  Saturday started with Sandy and her family.  It was actually a mentoring session, which was so much fun.  She’s already got such a great start, but just wanted to improve her skills so she can document her kids’ childhood.

First we talked about taking pictures in full sun.  I showed Sandy how angle makes all the difference.  With Hailey standing in the same position, the lighting looks totally different depending on if I’m at her level, below or above her.


On to Sandy’s boys…I love the interesting crop on this shot.

Not to mention this handsome guy!

There are lots more posts to come…I worked with eleven families!



Back Again!

I am returning to the Bay Area on October 25 and 26 for photo sessions!  I have several full session spots available Sunday mid-day and also Saturday afternoon.  I will be doing mini-sessions on Saturday morning and I have a few more spots there too.

The details:  Mini-sessions will be held at Greenridge Park off Crow Canyon and will be 30 minutes in length with a gallery of 15-20 images.  ($95)

Full sessions are held at the location of your choice and allow 1-2 hours with time for outfit changes, extra family members, etc.  This will include a gallery of 35+ images.  ($175)

My last trip out filled up in a few days, so email me if you are interested in booking a session!

And of course I can’t post without a picture, so I’ll share a picture of a Gerber Baby look alike.  🙂

Have a great Monday!



Wrapping things up

This family of six was all about fun and they have a huge trampoline to prove it!

The Maus family wrapped things up in Evergreen for me.  I had some fun watching them bounce around on their trampoline before I headed home.

As I said before, the people of Evergreen are amazing.  All the siblings I met were so kind and sweet to each other and the Maus kids were no exception!

This family shot was taken just a few steps outside their back door.  That’s another thing I love about Evergreen…the yards are so beautiful!

Well, I have to admit, I’m a little sad that all the sharing is over.  But, who knows…maybe I’ll be back again next year! 🙂



“My Boys”

I was so impressed with how sweet and caring that Jack and Griffin were to their little sister Lucy.  They constantly took care of her and just made sure that was happy.

Lucy referred to them as “my boys.”

And here is Miss Lucy herself-

I love what they were wearing.  It will be perfect for a Christmas card!

We took a little break and the kids showed me their swing set.  I love this photo of them:

Thanks for letting me spend the morning with you!  You guys need to give classes on how to get your kids to get along so well!!



Jack and his pretty stinkin’ cute shoes

I have to interrupt the regularly scheduled Colorado blog posts to bring you a little California lovin’!  I got to shoot this weekend in my neck of the woods.  🙂

Jack is an adorable one year old with some pretty stinkin’ cute shoes.

Hello, world!

After last weekend in Colorado-where I had scenery out of an Ansel Adams book- I was totally enjoying the challenge of shooting in the city where I had to be a little more creative.

We were at the Latin Museum of Art where the colors POP!

I was trying to mainly stick with the blue, but Walter mentioned that Kat loves pink, so we took a few with this background and I’m SO glad we did!

And here’s one last family shot that I thought was really cute…

Thanks guys…I hope you enoy the pictures!




Sunday morning started off at the Smart house.  The kids greeted me at the door and were ready to go from the moment we met!  I took the girls out to the front of the house where the sun was streaming in through the trees.  They were so sweet with each other.

We couldn’t wrestle the blanket away from Emma in some of the pictures, so I decided to just go with it and get some super cute snuggling pictures.

Speaking of snuggly…I love this picture too.

And here’s mama with her boys…

I was so happy to get all four of the kids together…and everyone was smiling!

And one last picture that I thought was exceptionally nice-

Thanks for taking the time to get all gussied up to hang out with me!



Worth the wait

Kerry…I know you’ve been waiting for awhile!  Not only did you guys have to wait for your session (thanks SO much for your patience) but now it’s been a whole week to see a few sneak previews.

I hope it’s worth the wait. 🙂

These guys are seriously the sweetest family!  They are so lovey with Mak.

There’s nothing like a baby double chin.

And I had to include this one because it has a funny story behind it.  Grizzly disappeared for the first half of the session.  They called him and we waited and waited.  Then all of a sudden Grizzly showed up and “posed” on the blanket.  We all started smelling something foul…I guess Grizzly was busy getting into something.  Anyway, I had to laugh at the expressions!

And this was the last of the mini-sessions!  Thanks for wrapping things up for me in such a beautiful way!


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