Los Angeles Family Photographer // Hugging it out

Our friend Megan was over and she was asking me if I had any insights to raising kids that get along.  Now, I should preface this story by telling you that my kids are normal and have quarrels like everyone else.  But, for the most part they really do love each other.  We aren’t short on hugs around here and you’re never too old to cuddle on the couch either.

I told Megan that when my kids are at each other and someone has wronged someone else, I make them talk it out, apologize and then hug it out.  I make them hug until someone starts laughing.  And that’s when you know it’s all cool.  You can’t hug someone you hate.  So, just hug it out.

For the record, Megan told me long hugs were awkward.  And yes, long hugs are awkward but so is… ‘she’s breeeathing on me’ or ‘she’s touchhhhing me.’  You know the drill.

los angeles family photographer

// Family photo session by los angeles family photographer, Kristin Eldridge.