Livingston Park, Belmont Shores [Long Beach Children’s Photographer]

Today after school we met Cindy and Sam at Livingston Park in Belmont Shores.  The park was built by the community and they did an AMAZING job.  Seriously, this is the coolest park I’ve ever been to!

The park is divided into several sections of equipment.  It’s great for moms that have different age groups because there is a little something for everyone!

The kids had so much fun!

This updated version of a merry-go-round was taken over by a few dads.  There’s something about the way a dad pushes you, because ALL the kids were pumped about getting on the “ride”!

While I was there I met a guy from the city of Long Beach and we talked about doing pictures of the park for their website.  How fun!  I love chance meetings like that…and thanks Cindy for the introduction! 🙂