Hand Knit Beanie [Style Findings]

Every time we see my friend Allyson she has on this adorable cream beanie.  She says it’s great for bad hair days, but hello…wouldn’t you wear this hat every day!?

I finally got around to asking her where it was from and low and behold– her friend KNITS THEM.  She designed the pattern and has a million other cute knitted things.  Like gloves and headbands and bowties and such!  Here’s a link to her etsy store:  McLaughlin Designs

I had beanie-envy, so I bought one.  And can I say, I’ve worn it almost every day since.  It fits perfectly…and I can’t wait for those cold weather days here in SoCal where it will actually feel good to have my head be all warm and cozy.

I had Allyson snap a few pictures of me in my new hat.  Love the color.  Go to Elisa’s store and buy a pattern or have her custom make you one!  Oh and on a tangent– I’m lost in front of the camera.  I kept telling Allyson to direct me.  I don’t know where to look or where to put my hands.  Gah.  But, all to show you my amazing new beanie.  Go buy one.

Oh and Elisa has a blog too…like me, she has more than one passion.  So, you’ll hear about her new knitting projects, recipes and her adorable children.  Elisa’s Blog She also makes a serious latte, but that’s another story for another day!