How to Organize Your Family’s Digital Photos [Style Findings]

I’m over on Modern Parents Messy Kids today talking about organizing photos.  Digital photography is a blessing and curse if you ask me.  I love how easy it was for me to learn photography.  Fear of failure was never an issue because if I didn’t like it, there were no lab fees to pay.  Delete was all that needed to happen…and back to the drawing board!

For me, the curse comes in the form of my own family’s photos.  I have to discipline myself to take the same care of my own family photos as I do with my paying clients.  On the guest post, I talk about my system, which is now second nature.  If I need to find a photo, it’s easy.  If I want to compare the kids at a certain age, it’s a cinch.

I didn’t get into what I do after organizing digital photos on the blog post, but I’ll share here my favorite way to enjoy family photos.

These albums were made through Apple. (There are many other companies that offer this same type of product, such as picture.com– and they offer calendars as well as photo books!)  The templates are drag and drop.  You can write underneath the photos, but you don’t have to.  As you can see, these books are well loved.  I make one for each year and the kids love to look through them.  It’s a clean and compact way to live with photography in your home.