Simple Pleasures [Los Angeles Child Photographer]

Did you know a dollar can be exciting?  So much of life is how you look at it and how you live it.  I parent my kids under the rule that you can always let the reigns out a bit, but it’s a lot harder to take them in.  For example, sometimes we will visit the candy store in the mall.  You know with the big bins of sugar in every color of the rainbow?  I let them pick three pieces each and it’s exciting.  Each choice is thought out.  If I started off letting them get a half pound of candy and then decided it was too much and they really needed just a few pieces, I’d be hearing some complaints.  So, I guess my point is…start small.  You can always add more.

Find out what we did this summer with a dollar by reading the rest of this post on Modern Parents Messy Kids.  I’m guest blogging there today!