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Orange County Maternity Photographer

Being under the hand of a professional is comforting.  There’s just a difference between Super Cuts and that fancy salon you trust your highlights to.  And, yes, your pocket book feels the difference too.  But, being able to trust the professional that’s in charge of your hair, your car and your taxes is worth the extra change.

I feel the same way about being a photographer.  Yes, you can find a photographer for $100, but if you want to hire a professional photographer, you might have to save a bit more.  What’s the difference?  The difference is trusting your image to someone that has photographed babies, photographed families and has experience with maternity photography.  It’s someone who knows how to soothe your cranky toddler and find the most flattering angles for your belly.

So, look at your photographer as your professional image-taker.  Someone you trust and someone that has experience in your stage of life.  And lucky for you, there are so many amazing photographers in Orange County!

// Photos taken at the beach by orange county maternity photographer, Kristin Eldridge.










A Little Affirmation // Irvine Maternity Photographer

Can we talk for a moment about clothes?  I know it’s a superficial thing, but what we wear affects our mood.  I’ve been in an outfit that I love and felt like I could conquer the world.  I’ve also worn clothes that I’m constantly tugging at or stuff that just doesn’t feel like me.  And sometimes, I’m just unsure.  I’m wearing an outfit and thinking, is this working?  Is this cute or am I trying too hard?  All it takes is a compliment from a friend or stranger to pull me to the other side.

Cute boots.  Love your top.  Where’d you get those jeans from?

It’s really simple, but a little affirmation goes a long way.  Sometimes when I work with clients, I’m helping them with outfits or something they’re just telling me ahead of time what they’re planning on wearing.  Either way, (because I work with awesome people) I just know they’re going to show up looking great.

I used to just focus on the job ahead.  Taking pictures.  Taking for granted how hard they’d worked on outfitting the family.  But, I’ve changed my tune.  Before we even start, I compliment.  It’s important to verbalize what you’re thinking.  If you can tell someone spent extra time on their hair and make-up, let them know how gorgeous they look.

I know it seems like a no-brainer, but I have a feeling that even normal people (not photographers) forget to compliment.  In our head, we’re thinking…oh my gosh, I love that dress…but it never makes its way to our lips.  So, compliment someone today.  Whether you’re taking their picture or not.

Oh and speaking of awesome outfits…this amazing pregnant mama put this whole thing together and looked stunning while doing it.













Recent Maternity Session in Los Angeles

A few weeks ago, I drove to Los Angeles to photograph a client and friend for her maternity session.  We did some of the photos at home, which I highly recommend.  Especially if you have good light!  People are comfortable at home and it shows in the photos.  We also went on a little adventure and drove to one of the only green patches near her house, which happened to be under a freeway.  I totally appreciate trust when it comes to having an eye for locations.  Good light and texture adds so much to photos and sometimes that happens in the most uncommon of places.

This is one of my favorite maternity photo sessions…I love the natural feel and the connection between the family.















To Sum It Up [Rossmoor Baby Photographer]

I’m packing up again for Rascals to Rebels this weekend…this time the Huntington Beach store.  Last weekend was amazing.  So many cute kids, so many cute outfits.  I mean these parents BRING IT.

I also got to photograph several adorable little boys who braved the heat with me!

I also photographed a big extended family and all their kids…here are some of the sweet girls from that photo session…

And finally one of the cutest pregnant girls I’ve ever met.  Seriously, so cute.


No pressure [Orange County Maternity Photographer]

Sometimes my brain just gets filled with too many details.  During a photo session, I’m thinking about remembering everyone’s names, did I get enough close ups?, the kids are over it…what can I say to be funny?, am I correctly exposing? and much much more.  Every once in awhile it’s good to put in a camera in my hand with no pressure and lots of loveliness to capture.

Laura’s photo session was one of those days…she brought all kinds of clothes, fabric and accessories and just let me do my thang.  Anything we wanted to try, we did.  And I should also mention that this photo session took place at 7am.  It was my first sunrise photo session and it was totally worth it.  The light was amazing and the world was quiet.


Exciting news! [Featured: On to Baby]

I love love love this new website from The Wedding Chicks (click here to see the website)…it’s called On to Baby and highlights all the fun things about being pregnant and bringing a new little life into the world, every stylish step of the way.

They are featuring a maternity session that I did with Allyson and Rich Baker in Hume, CA.  We had so much fun taking advantage of everything a place like Hume Lake has to offer, from old buses to boats on the lake.  So go check out the site and see more gorgeous photos!  (click here to see my feature)

In other news, I’ve filled up all the dates/time slots for all the Spring mini-sessions.  If you’d like to be added to my wait list for cancellations, please send me an email (



My light [Orange County Maternity Photographer]

Sunset is my sweet spot.  I love chasing the sun and catching those last few minutes of golden glow before the light goes away.  This maternity session was so perfect…gorgeous lighting and an even more gorgeous mama.

I’ve since photographed Baby Finn, along with his big brother Jude.  I’ll have to share those tomorrow…they are just too cute.



Connection [Long Beach Maternity Photographer]

I’ve photographed Payton before, with her adorable red curls.  It was an extra special treat to get her mommy with her in front of the camera!

Their connection is so sweet!  Payton just wanted to be with her mommy.  She wasn’t paying much attention to the camera…which is exactly the way I like it!

We had such a fun time!  I can’t wait to meet the new baby!!


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