Pulled Pork with Homemade BBQ Sauce [In the Kitchen]

After church on Sunday everyone is hungry and lunch usually goes something like quesadillas or turkey sandwiches.  What is the quickest thing I can throw together!?!  Unless I can manage to put something in the crock pot before we leave.  This requires a. thinking ahead, b. pulling myself together to look presentable before heading out the door and c. making sure my children have the essentials done like umm, hair combed, teeth brushed, a pair of shoes on, what else am I missing?  Soooo, the crock pot thing doesn’t always happen.

This last Sunday I thought ahead.  Yeah, me!  I got myself and the kids ready to go…AND put a big hunk of meat into the crock pot.  This time is was a pork roast.  I’ve recently found that Target market has great deals on meat.  I’ve bought bacon, ribs, pork loin and now pork roast there.  The roast was $1.99/pound…great deal right!?  And I can buy like a cute t-shirt  or something while I’m at it.

Anyway, on to the meal.  It’s as easy as covering the meat with a liquid and some seasoning.  I did not think ahead enough to buy chicken broth.  You can only expect so much out of me.  So, I covered it with red wine and water.  I added a good dose of garlic salt, oregano, cumin and fresh cracked pepper. And turned the whole thing on high as I dashed out the door.

When you arrive home after a few hours, the meat will be in lovely shreds that you need to sauce and add to a bun.  Enter homemade BBQ sauce.  I found this recipe around Easter when I was looking for a sauce I could make from scratch.  BBQ sauce has always intimidated me a little.  I imagined myself stirring at a stove top with a long list of ingredients.  This recipe debunks all previous ideas about making BBQ sauce.  It is so easy your kids can do it.  Really.  Like I told a friend of mine who was intimidated by a recipe…can you read?  can you stir?  Then you can make it!!

This makes a LOT of sauce.  So, I halved the recipe.  But, if you have a crowd or you just love it that much, make the whole stinkin’ thing.

My sandwiches were more like sliders because I used Hawaiian rolls, but you can serve the pulled pork on regular sized buns too.  And coleslaw.  My family is not a fan, but I think it adds the perfect tart kick to the sandwich.