Sweet and Saucy Spring [Long Beach Photographer]

It’s only fitting that I write about what my work with Sweet and Saucy this spring on the first day of SUMMER.  That gives you an idea of how behind I am in my blogging!  Better late than never!!

I love the treats, but the girl behind the treats (Melody) is super sweet as well. 🙂  We decided to collaborate on her window displays for spring and I was excited to try my hand at making poufs.  Laura had been telling me how easy they are and I read a few tutorials.  They look perfectly light and fluffy hanging above Melody’s delicate cakes and cookies.  A few of my vintage pieces, Melody’s cake stands (which she’s going to be selling soon, yeah!) and some lemons from my tree rounded out the display.

I also took a few pictures of Melody’s new logo tees.  Laura and her husband Bryan were the perfect models…thanks guys!

Oh and while we’re on the subject, I helped Laura with a little side-project wayyy back in early spring and never shared these pics.  I love love love them.

Blogging this far back feels like house-cleaning.  I feel much better to have it shared…chipping away at the pile of unshared photos!!