Play Dates [Orange County Child Photographer]

Introducing PLAY DATES…a new concept for children’s photography. Here’s how it works: invite 4-6 friends to meet at the park with their kids. I show up with my camera and capture priceless moments of each of the children. No posing, no ‘cheeeese,’ just kids being kids. Each family will be presented with an online gallery of images of their child/children from our time at the park. The approach will be photojournalistic…truly showing who they are at this stage of life. This isn’t a time to get all gussied up and take them kicking and screaming to a ‘photo shoot.’ This is a time to play with friends and be a kid!

The details:

You choose the park that your children love to go to…I will stay for approximately one hour photographing the children.
*This is for weekdays only…during the day or after school for children that are school aged.*

Your friends each pay $25 for the session. Your session is free.

Your will receive access to special digital packages if orders are placed within a week of proofing.

**Offer is valid until February 28. Email or call 562-980-6480 to reserve a date.