Added to the list of memories [Personal Musings]

I’m tagging along with Brent this week on a speaking trip in San Diego.  I brought my laptop and have been conducting business as usual in between trips to the beach, big-time rec and dinner with students!  I’ve been killing time at night after the kids have gone to bed by watching old episodes of SYTYCD and looking through old pictures on my laptop.

I came across these pictures I took in Montana last summer.  It’s especially bittersweet because I’m not able to take the kids out to visit this summer.  Last summer the kids were dying to go fishing and despite several attempts, we could never catch anything.  My dad decided we should take the kids on a trip to The Big Hole Battlefield and stop at some fishing holes along the way.

Let’s just say that when we stopped to get bait at the ONLY STORE in Wisdom, MT they had the strongest mosquito repellent known to man.  As in, warning to future unborn children on the package.  This stuff was no joke.  And neither are the mosquitos in this part of the state.  They will drill through sweatshirts and jeans to bite you.

Anyway, we prepared for battle and after a few stops we FINALLY CAUGHT A FISH!  Big kudos to my dad for being the grandpa that added ‘catching a fish in Montana’ to list of memories made last summer.