Newborn Photographer Orange County // Life Stages

Life doesn’t stay the same for long, does it?  I’m sitting here on the eve of the last day of school.  Tomorrow will conclude the 2013-2014 school year.  In the fall, we’ll enter Jake’s laaaast year of middle school.  I don’t even need to tell you what comes after that.  After talking with a friend who is feeling a bit weepy about her daughter leaving middle school, I starting thinking about all the new stages of life.  Whether you’re in the business of adding a new little baby to your family or saying good-bye to pre-school, elementary or middle school, EMBRACE the change.  Love the opportunities that each stage brings.

And most of all, love summer.  Because summer starts tomorrow y’all!  We’ll be picnic-ing, beach-ing and in general, party-ing!

// At home photo session by newborn photographer orange county, Kristin Eldridge.


newborn photographer orange county